Giant Bomb: Super Mario 3D World Review

Nintendo has knocked it out of the park once again, making its latest platformer a must play.

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_QQ_1768d ago

Wow, Again Nintendo proves gameplay>all

MajorJackHoff1768d ago

Settle down, spaz.

Although I do agree that this game looks pretty damn special. PRETTY NIFTY LITTLE GAME YOU GOT THERE, PAL

slivery1768d ago

Settle down, spaz? Umm it looks like you are the one who needs to calm down, using all caps for nothing and throwing in a sarcastic PAL at the end.. What kind of response is that anyway..

MajorJackHoff1768d ago

I don't think I like your attitude. I don't think I like it one bit.

AJBACK2FRAG1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Ever notice there isn't a thousand Nintendo fans in the PS4 section raining on their parade????? Oh the PS4 is teh doomed! Also now that there has been many positive reviews and positive articles about the Wii U most of the haters have vanished?? What a cowardly and superstitious lot!!! lol!

cesuf1767d ago

Agreed. Far too many rabid psfans. Don't get me wrong ps4 is a great console, it's just the fans have gotten out way out of control on this site.

JackieCruise691768d ago

I'm so glad things are looking good for this game..
I really cannot wait for it.

bacrec11768d ago

Quality over quantity.

Excited2play1768d ago

Good one Nintendo! Must-Buy for sure.

mii-gamer1768d ago

94 on metacritic. HAHAHA Best game of the holiday season