Xbox One: Failure To Launch?

"The battle for the living room is a cold war no more. Sony’s PlayStation 4 is ready to go thermonuclear, hitting UK shelves on November 29th. While the official Xbox One release date is this Friday, November 22nd 2013, there have been numerous reports of failures of PS4 hardware."

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Enemy1767d ago

"It is the Xbox One that I have played and so will be talking about, I hope that the PS4 is better than this or I will be sticking to my PC."


bessy671767d ago

Yeah, why does N4G promote this fanboy drivel?

Naga1767d ago

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CramShaft1767d ago

What a ridiculous article. I can understand people's contempt with Microsoft, but atleast use some facts in your rant to get your point across.

nasnas761767d ago

Hey, if it's on a website it must be legit. Hmm, everyone has a website now...

heliumhead20301767d ago

Failure to launch is such a effect title. This guy sold himself so hard. The hype of xone is making him write hate articles

Naga1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

This is a mind-numbingly stupid piece of journalistic trash. The author has made a pathetic attempt at baiting hits from unwitting readers who mistakenly believe they are reading something crafted from reasoned human thought.

No, this is garbage. The author has hardly played the system except at an expo, often cites with waving hands the vague opinions of the faceless "others", and yet rockets skyward with bombastic conclusions fueled by nary the slightest justifications. The least he could do is provide some factual substantiation for his bold claims. No. There is none of that to be found here. It's just pure, unadulterated (and arguably uneducated) opinion based on a small sliver of experience.

I'm actually upset by this article, and not because it paints the Xbox One in a negative light - I have seen all kinds of negative pieces written about the Xbox, but they at least have some shred of reasoning in them. I can respect that. What I can't respect is this. I'm actually, seriously surprised by how bad this is.

This crap isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

Yes, I know it's digital. That's the point.

urwifeminder1767d ago

Who cares 9 hrs to go and I will be rocking out to some forza.