How to party up on xbox One

I’ve seen a few questions about how the Party System will work on Xbox One. I had Steve Dolan, whose team works on the Party System (and more), write up the below guest blog post about how parties work and how they are better on Xbox One.

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Hi, my name is Steve Dolan and I’m the program manager responsible for the multiplayer and achievements experience on Xbox One. Like most of you, I’m stoked about the new wave of online titles coming in the next year. Here is how we’re going to make it easy to party up and play these great games on Xbox One.

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ThatIrishGamer1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

This is really innovative. PS4's party system is a complete mess. Games that do support it (just one; killzone) don't reserve a spot when it opens, that's a really cool feature. Joining friends in any game is a complete lottery; party or not on PS4.

Sony haven't told devs they must use the system and as we all learned from ps3 ; if devs have a choice to use a feature of the system.... They won't use it!

kewlkat0071646d ago

Is there s place I can ask questions about the Xbox One I'm curious about my Cablebox and Sling box connection?

MorePowerOfGreen1646d ago

Reddit(XB1 reddit) often has the best info and MSFT devs and employees commenting in the comment section. MSFT has released no info in tiny details about the box yet. Albert Penello and Phil Spencer are good at getting back to fans on twitter.

kewlkat0071646d ago

thx I have to daisy chain this mofo