IGN: Xbox One vs. PS4 - Which Is The Best FPS Controller?

Destin and Alfredo debate about which controller they prefer to use for first person shooters.

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M-M1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

I've always preferred the PS3/PS4 controller, asymmetrical analogs just aren't my thing. The Xbox 360/One controller is comfortable to hold though. Both controllers are very good, I honestly think it just comes down to whether you prefer symmetrical or asymmetrical thumbsticks for the PS4 and Xbox One lol.

Enemy1731d ago

Asymmetrical sticks are way too weird. There's no lighter way of putting it, sorry guys.

thereapersson1731d ago

I think the reason why people preferred the sticks on the 360 pad is because of the concave shape of the top of the sticks, and the responsive dead zone when compared to the DS3. The DS4 is basically on par with that design and maintains comfort for hours. Sony really hit a home run with the DS4's design.

Sometimes the touchpad gets in the way of the OPTIONS and SHARE buttons, but other than that I wouldn't change anything. Being able to put any headphones you want into the DS4 and listen to the game audio is a killer feature.

guitarded771731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

I haven't got to try X1's controller, but I have 360 and DS4 controller. 360 controller is very nice, but I've already grown attached to the DS4. I can game on either... Can't say I have a preference. I've gamed on some weird controllers over the past 35+ years, so wither are way nicer than some of the crap from the past.

I see people who complain about this or that, and act like they couldn't possibly play on one or the other, and laugh a bit. Any controller you spend time with, you'll get good on. Some may initially feel more comfortable, but they all fit... just like guitars.


no way. in an FPS, left sticks are meant to make a character move forward. an UP motion is required. subconsciously it makes more sense for a thumb to be placed upward in order to move a character forward.

Honestly the DS4 is my controller is my controller of choice just because its so much better than the ds3. but don't try to make the argument that the 360 layout somehow "doesn't make sense".

UnholyLight1731d ago


as much as I was blown away with the DS 4 the only problem I seem to have is that I've been playing the crap out of the PS4 and the fact that the triggers jut out so far seems to cause some discomfort in my hands when I've been doing it a long time...especially playing NFS or AcIV because those games involve a lot of holding the trigger down! But otherwise that controller is a grandslam

3-4-51731d ago

easier to push up/ go forward with less effort/ more natural with 360 / xb1 controller.

Hate the ds3...ds4 looks good though.

mikeslemonade1731d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

As a owner of both the 360 and PS4 I can say much about the sticks. It's easier to transition to perpendicular sticks than the off-axis controller. It's just common sense that when you have something that is congruent it gives you a sense of more balance than something that is not. The people who argue that the off-axis is better are just people that use the 360 style controller more since the 360 has more shooter-centric games.

That being said the 360 style controller has a very slightly better triggers even though the DS4 is just right up there. 360 still has more spring while the PS4 trigger has a smoother push and release. However I use the R1/L1 buttons in COD regardless of the controller. Buttons will always be more responsive than triggers.

WeedyOne1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )


While I agree with you on the concave part, the DS3 actually has a smaller dead zone than the 360 gamepad.

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-Foxtrot1731d ago

Really just depends of preference at the end of the day but I don't like people who call the DS despite them most likely not complaining about it in the PS/PS2 days.

It's like " don't like it all of a sudden.....yeah ok then"

thehitman1731d ago

I can see where people got the DS3 hate from when they removed the rumble and just had the sixaxis the DS3 was slightly smaller and much lighter than the DS2. I personally liked the DS3 and had no problems with it at all and think like the other guys here said asymmetrical analogs are weird as hell. I remember trying to play Fight Night on 360 and transitioning from the 360 to ds3 controller was kind of annoying.

Other than that though I still believe controllers are just pure preference. Hell I believe a controller > mouse and keyboard but a lot of PC gamers would say otherwise.

AceBlazer131731d ago

Always prefered the symmetrical layout, one of the main reason i never got into xbox.

and yeah i know what you mean, when i hear people rip on ds it makes me wonder if they skipped over a decade of gaming.

xPhearR3dx1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )


I'm a PC gamer and I choose controller > mouse and keyboard any day of the week. If a game doesn't support a controller, I'll use 3rd party software unless it's a RTS or MMO game. Many "PC Elitist" so to speak, will say "Oh, controller players won't stand a chance again M/K". That's not true at all. Truth be told, I've been gaming with a controller for 20+ years so that's what I'm good with.

I've held my own in FPS like Battlefield, Rise of The Triad etc very well with a controller and in many cases on the top of the leaderboard at the end of the match.

@-Foxtrot - Actually, yeah I can say that. I had no issues with the PS2/PS1 controller. I enjoyed them. Then the 360 controller came out and blew every other controller away. The PS3 DS is horrible. Extremely light weight, horrid triggers, and the thumbsticks aren't as precise as the 360. However, the DS4 is AMAZING. Sony did an excellent job with this resign. The DS4 took the place of the 360 controller as my favorite controller of all time.

Xsilver1731d ago

i haven't held the Xone Controller yet so i wont pass judgement but i know everyone who has held the DS4 was surprised as how amazing it feels me personally it melts in my hand and i love it.

B-radical1731d ago

Well put im adjusted to both of them so i have no complaints really

nthstew1731d ago

like the editors at IGN i would prefers keyboard and mouse for fps shooters..

bujasem_891731d ago

this is completely unrelated... but has anyone watched south PARK XD

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fluffydelusions1731d ago

Have yet to hold the xb1 controller but I have a ps4 and love the controller so much more than ds3 one.

scott1821731d ago

Pretty sure it just depends on what you're used to for controllers. I do have to say though that the mouse and keyboard will always be the best...

Omegasyde1731d ago

Until it's get sticky...

GreenRanger1731d ago

A controller could be shaped like a brick, but if people are used to using it, it'll be the best to them.

M-M1731d ago

When I read your comment, I thought of the NES controller lol.


never bought a ps2, was a xbox gamer, as with the 360. my transition from xbox to ds3 and now ds4 was quick and easy. feel right at home and acually more accurate than ive ever been with the ds4. i feel like comparisons are pointless and just a preference.


that nes controller was crappy. i sucked really bad at games cause of that thing

etownone1731d ago

Both controllers are amazingly comfortable to hold this gen.
Not like last gen.

It all comes down to preference.
I believe for FPS, xbox One controller all the way. But, that's my preference.

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