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Johnny McNair writes:

"Overall, Killzone: Shadow Fall does not break any new ground, but it is a solid launch title for the PS4. The highlight is the new brighter look of the game, and the addition of the OWL drone, which comes in handy in various situations. The single player campaign is neat and tight, but the multiplayer and constant new maps that are promised will be the sweet spot for Killzone fans."

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staticdash221582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

"Doesn't break any new ground"
I really don't understand why that's a bullet point against games. Why can't games, just be good games. Stop punishing fun stuff because of what you want to see. Just take them how they are. For goodness sake, and people wonder why there's so much hostility against game reviews. Shadow Fall is way better than Killzone 3, what's the deal? What extra standard are these games being measured by? Why can't killzone just be judged for being a killzone game? The same way people judge COD for being what it is, a COD game. I personally think Shadow Fall is at least an 85/100.

I agree with the review, its just that that phrase I mentioned is getting irritating to hear/see.

memots1582d ago

agreed , You buy Cod to play Cod .
you buy Killzone to play Killzone. What else is it supposed to be ? lol

Its like Nfs its exactly like the last 3 Nfs game and i knew this is what i was buying.

Maddens Raiders1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

I own it and love it. So beautiful and so silky fkn smooth. I've been killed dozens and dozens of times just standing around looking at stuff and how it works. I don't care what the hell the score says 10/10 or 1/10, if you own a PS4 you should own this game for the showcase masterpiece that it is. Hands down the best looking (and sounding) launch game I've ever seen.

For the record: KZ3 is a much different feeling game than SF and still looks damn good to this day with GG's shine and polish. I really really like Shadow Fall and KZ3. It'll take a while before they wear off. These internet beat writers and "reviewers" can say whatever they want, Guerrilla just knows what the hell they're doing at the keyboard imho and it's shown since E3 '07 and beyond. The games speak for themselves - case closed imho.

MastaMold1581d ago

@ Maddens Raiders, dude i'm right with you just finished Killzone Shadow Fall story a couple of hours ago this game is sick on my second playthru man I love the Killzone series dont care what reviewers say good or bad.

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Funantic11582d ago

You better take that score from "PS4style". I've seen much worse reviews on Killzone.

twdll1581d ago

So far, I'm playing on the hardest level, and it's put together very we'll. it's freakin tough. Beautiful as we'll. the multiplayer is Awesome too. I think people giving this less than 90 are smokin crack.