Mighty No. 9 Official Site Now Open

TNC writes: "After months of mostly silence with small updates here-and-there, Mighty No.9 fans will be excited to know that e-mails are currently going out with website login information AND their very own Mighty No’s! As posted via the most recent Kickstarter update, e-mails are going out but this WILL take a few days"

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SynGamer1704d ago

Still *patiently* waiting for my own Mighty No...

Neonridr1703d ago

we should be getting them in our email. But with 70,000 backers, they said it's gonna take some time, lol.

Enemy1704d ago

It's open but it doesn't work.

SynGamer1704d ago

The site is getting hammered right now as thousands of people are attempting to login. I was able to get it to load a few hours ago (hence the screenshot), but yeah, it's going to take a few hours to level out. I believe Comcept, the developer, is working with the site host to get it fixed.

-Gespenst-1704d ago

Is this going to be another site for funding with an indefinite time limit like Star Citizen? I hate when people do that. Especially when they're big figures in the industry with loads of credentials. It's like: why didn't you just make an official funding page without a time limit in the first place you greedy s.o.b.? I guess people would be less inclined to donate if there wasn't a time limit, but still. They never tell you there's gonna be an official site afterwards. They make it seem like the time on the crowdfunding page is all they've got and they get backers all emotional by sending out "heartfelt" messages of thanks and making them feel "involved." Liars.

If the kickstarter campaign and the successful stretch goals were anything to go by, they've got enough money to do all the stuff they wanted to do already. Don't support official funding pages with indefinite durations.

SynGamer1704d ago

Nope, this game is already funded. This will be where they show off game progress and other details over the course of developing the game. They also have a video production team recording them, think developer diaries.

-Gespenst-1704d ago

Phew! Cool, thanks for the info. Faith restored.

WeAreLegion1703d ago

Capcom REALLY screwed up by not funding him. Can't wait for this. :)

Deadpool6161703d ago

I look forward to viewing the progress of this game. It may take years, but it will be worth watching something I backed develop.

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