What's Wrong With Battlefield 4

I think it goes without saying that DICE have made a fantastic game in Battlefield 4. At least, we thought so in our review. Like every game these days, it has it’s fair share of bugs and issues, but overall, it’s a solid game with great potential, most of which was expertly realized. Unfortunately, the problems in Battlefield 4 are real and do have a negative impact on the multiplayer experience.

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fluffydelusions1704d ago

Well for me it was working fine(minus crashes) a week ago. Logged in today to play a game and all server I get nothing but rubberbanding and lag.

ATiElite1704d ago

Sever side glitches here and there.

LAG from poor netcode

I have ONLY crashed once!

I blame EA forcing DICE into a tight schedule and making the game for 5 platforms. DICE was just stretched to thin.

Still a quality game

B-radical1703d ago

Was the singleplayer baD?

slazer1011703d ago

Only when it crashed and erased your progress. Other than that it's awesome.

XboxPS1703d ago

I played MW1,When we needed to kill Zakhaev's son,It crashed and erased all of the progress.

ezop1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

TBO Xbox360 version for me was fine (i say was because XB1 arrives tomorrow, was just playing less than 2 hours ago not 1 problem), on battlelog though a complete diffo story my PC gamers friends are mostly raging about rubberbanding & snpers(lol).. so maybe this is posted in the wrong section.

not realy an XB1 issue

Ripsta7th1704d ago

Goddamn servers is whats wrong. My most anticipated game has been unplayable for me since launch

iPad1704d ago

Suffering from Call of Duty-itis

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The story is too old to be commented.