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The problem of video game piracy

WASDuk examines a few key issues surrounding video game piracy. (Culture, Dev, Industry)

ATiElite  +   244d ago
Lower the prices in some third world countries and the Piracy would go down even further.

When a game cost $85 USD in a country were people only make $300 USD a week then your gonna get some piracy.

Brazil and Australia have outrageous game prices.

Game makers need to do something to balance that out for them.

Also who the HECK is gonna enforce Anti-piracy laws in countries that have ZERO relations with the United States?

Yes Piracy occurs in the United States but it's declining as the economy goes up.
Arkworthy  +   244d ago
You make a good point! Prices of games in Eastern Europe and South America are apparently very steep, and don't match up with what people earn at all.

It's staggering that instead of doing anything about it, they just spend that money sharpening the anti-piracy stick instead.
MestreRothN4G  +   243d ago
If you try to think about it, you'll realize there's not much to do to decrease prices. Just think about how it is done and probably you'll figure out yourself.

It's not the same absurd it is with the brazilian PS4K. Check the prices for games around the world and you'll see that only US and UK have the original prices (usually). Brasil and Australia have average prices, only a little higher that 60 USD.

Finally, do you really think that making the game 70 USD instead of 80 USD will keep the HUEHUAHUEHUA from playing the games without paying for it?

Oh man...
Arkworthy  +   243d ago
Perhaps then, we should defer to the argument that's been raging for a little over 20 years? Games are just way too expensive as they are. Of course, they never bothered to cut costs because people were always willing to pay the absurdly high costs. A lot of work goes into games, which would account for why they are more expensive than a DVD, but the expenses given over to nonsense like publicity and cheap media stunts has become, to quote the oft used phrase, "too damn high".

A price of 70 USD instead of 80 USD would have some effect, even if it doesn't force every HUEHUE to rush out and buy it, but the point stands that this isn't even a suggestion as far as these companies are concerned. They instead spend MORE money on 'fighting piracy', which, like the 'war on drugs' is never going to be won.

But it's not about winning the war, or stopping piracy. It's about spending money on the DRM and anti-piracy business, which receives government funding in many countries, and has millions poured into it each year. Why stop crime when you can make a multi-million dollar industry to 'combat' it?
GentlemenRUs  +   243d ago
Piracy was a crime till everyone took a dump on it... The LAW should be more strict on such actions...

Zero-Tolerance 10-years minimum prison sentence.
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Arkworthy  +   243d ago
10 years? Many countries don't have that for murder.

Besides, big business doesn't make enough money from prison sentences like they do from lawsuits and fines.
Dante81  +   243d ago
You should get 10 years just for that stupid statement of yours.
Arkworthy  +   243d ago
Giving little Billy 10 years in jail for downloading episodes of Naruto is going to make the problem a lot, lot worse..
Hicken  +   243d ago
You've lost all rights to speak on the subject.

Good day.
FlyingFoxy  +   243d ago
I think Steam sales prove enough that piracy isn't as bad as people make out, if someone wants to pirate a good game shame on them, because half the time i find the multiplayer keeps it going for a long time. And having an illegal copy of a game = no online multiplayer.

So they might think they are getting free games, but they also miss out on a lot as well.
Linwelin  +   243d ago
you can still play online, with hamachi (spelling) i think it's called.
Scatpants  +   243d ago
Pirated console games can be played online.
JohnnyTower  +   243d ago
Dude, over the years I have bought super Mario 3 at least 5 times on different platforms. At what point or dollar amount do I get the rights to own that material? I think piracy evens the playing field a bit. If you truly enjoy what a developer makes then feel free to buy the product.
Perjoss  +   243d ago
The way things are now is ridiculous, If I buy lets say NFS Rivals for my 360 or PS4 I should own 1 license of that game, allowing me to play it on any platform I want, If I feel like playing it on PC why should I be expected to buy another copy of the game if I already own it on another platform.
kevnb  +   243d ago
sellers just have to compete with the pirates, valve sure as heck does.
MestreRothN4G  +   243d ago
Great read. Will check the site again another day.
Arkworthy  +   243d ago
Thank you, sir!
Nintenja  +   242d ago
It's not piracy. Theft is taking something from someone.

These are games that are bought, modified(cracked) and shared.

So it is sharing. The people that share either buy the game or would have been angry if they had bought the game. Being that it's something they didn't like. If publisher want to slow it. Have devs make demos for everything.

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