PlayStation Euphoria's Game of the Generation Awards – And the Winner Is…..

Without further adieu the overall winner of the Game of the Console Generation Award!

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gillri1702d ago

TLOU is my second favourite game of the generation..ME2 is my favourite

WeAreLegion1702d ago

Also a phenomenal choice.

I_am_Batman1702d ago

I don't know how you can determine one best game of the whole generation. I have trouble picking my personal Goty. For me it's pretty much impossible to pick a winner out of all the great games I've played the last 7 years.

WeAreLegion1702d ago

Great choice. I think only a handful of titles would be universally acceptable to call "Game of the Generation". That is definitely one of them.

Grave1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Demon's Souls for me.