Why Would Microsoft's Upcoming CEO Want to Kill Xbox?

Lucas Sullivan: ''It's practically Xbox One Eve--yet behind the scenes, the well-established console brand seems to be going through some transition pains. CVG News reports that, in his final shareholder address as Microsoft's CEO, Steve Ballmer had to defend the Xbox as a valuable arm of the tech giant. Ballmer called the Xbox brand a "reflection of what is possible when a company, our company, is unified under a common vision." But wait--who's saying that the Xbox should be cut loose, just as it's hitting its next-gen stride? Why, none other than ex-Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, the forerunner to be Ballmer's replacement at the head of Microsoft.''

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Enemy1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Because Xbox is losing them billions and they care more about MAKING money than anything else?

Edit: Disagrees?

ATiElite1698d ago

It may cost Microsoft $2B a year to make and maintain XBox and XBL but scroll your mouse over the charts to the right and you will see just how much Revenue MS made in it's Entertainment division (Xbox) and it's $10.2b which has increased for the last 3 years.

This is the SAME EXACT information MS shareholders and investors get so most of this article is B.S.

The new CEO wants to get rid of Entertainment PERIOD not just the Xbox and focus back on the PC.

Xbox is still a Profitable Brand but the new CEO sees it as a distraction from what Microsoft use to be all about!

XBOX stays with MS!

bunfighterii1698d ago

Exactly, it's not profitable. They've spent billions trying to take market share from Sony (successfully might I add) but spent too much doing it.

I would like to see them spin it off, list it watch it grow.

Tapioca Cold1698d ago

Yup. No different than any other company that has ever existed. If you don't make a profit you don't exist. it's a fact. Not an opinion people.

ATiElite1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

To concentrate on the PC and tablets!

U have the PC which is the center point for Microsoft being successful in the first place and they have GONE away from that.

Microsoft needs to re-focus on the PC and Tablets if not Apple will just continue to dominate and slowly creep into the business world and displace MS.

Naga1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

First, that's a misuse of the term, "forerunner". I believe the author meant, "frontrunner".

Second, it's awfully presumptuous to call him "Microsoft's upcoming CEO" when he is only a considered - by rumor - to be a frontrunner in consideration for the position.

I get what this kind of article is doing - attempting to head off a potential amputation of the Xbox brand by loudly voicing negative public opinion - but this kind of speculative journalism just makes me tired of following news.

KetchupBlood1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Unlike a Software, Hardware has parts that cost to manufacture in numbers of BILLIONS! yes, billions. One piece of hardware doesn't mean one part, but Millions of parts.

Now try to imagine millions of hardwares with million parts...
Yep we are talking Billions, And those aren't exactly free to manufacture.

Naga1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

"And those aren't exactly free to manufacture."

Nor are they free to purchase.

Microsoft is arguably much better situated to capitalize on software sales and royalties if they have a hardware medium on which they and others can deliver it.

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