Front Towards Gamer -- Contrast (PS4) Review

Contrast hits the PS4 at launch amongst some heavy competition. Does this indie platformer have what it takes to earn your time?

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MoB211701d ago

5/10? I'd say closer to a 7 honestly..

rayzorn1701d ago

idk why everyone hated on this game. I thought it was pretty fun. a difrent take and a pretty decent story.

the only complaint I had you would get stuck on things and have to dash or jump out a lot.

but man it was a free game and even when it wasn't gonna be free I think it was ony gonna be 10 dollars. thought it was great for that price.

I would give it a high 7 or low 8.

now if it was retail game i wouldn't give it such a high score. unless it was longer. and fixed detection problems

MoB211701d ago

I agree. 7 to me is considered a good score, and for what the game brings to the table and for its value (free!) it is definitely worth a play

23Breach1701d ago

a 5 isn't "hating" a game, we thought it was decent hence the word coinciding with the score. :)

s1lentone1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

yeah i would say a 6.5 or a 7 is good for this game. only reason its a 6.5 is because how they introduced the controls. I think this game would of been a good 9 if they had better story telling. Reason why i said that is because they really don't have much of a back ground story on Dawn ( the Girl your controlling ). she just kinda pop in the little girls bed room and that's about it haha (talking about creepy). Other than that the story is good but the Art style and music fits perfectly. If you like figuring things out on your own and racing against time. Then this game you might like.I Dig it lol

Another FPS guy doing a platform game. He spends his time playing BF4 and minecraft. Then decide to try out contrast? That explain the 5. Can anybody put up reviews to this N4G? it seem like it. Too many closed minded people doing reviews.

23Breach1701d ago

That's why reviews are critical evaluations based on personal experience. You may think this game deserves a higher rank, but our guy thought it could of used some work.
Also, read his stuff, clearly he plays and reviews more than the Minecraft and Battlefield.

zabu_san1701d ago

So someone steps outside their comfort zone and tries something different, and they still fit the average score and complaints, so it must be his mind is clouded from BF4 and Minecraft. Solid logic there, can't argue with that at all.

You said it's a 1.5-2 point higher scored game, so what do you play that makes you 1.5-2 points-abled to scored it so? Clearly not BF4 or Minecraftl Portal, The Stanley Parable?

The guy defended his review and justified his score, end of story. Attacking his character because you don't agree is a silly thing to do. It's in poor taste, sir.