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PlayStation 4 CPU using AMD Turbo Core to go from 1.6GHz up to 2.75Ghz ?

For awhile there has been speculations about the 2.75GHz clock rate that showed up in the PS4 FCC Certification. Some speculated that it was just the clock rate of the Memory but today in a IGN PS4 review video the 2.75GHz clock rate has been shown to be the highest clock rate of the CPU with 1.6GHz being the base clock rate. (PlayStation, PS4)

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lifeisgamesok  +   734d ago
Hmmm I'd think it would become too hot but good for PS owners if true
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   734d ago | Well said
Doubtful but would be awesome if true.
cleft5  +   734d ago
It's interesting how most of the stories about the PS4 is about how their is all this power in the console that wasn't even mentioned. That's the best sort of surprise.
UltimateMaster  +   734d ago
It's based off the IGN article.
Prime157  +   733d ago

Not saying I disagree with you, however, this is very much like MisterX and his theoretical 2.1 TFlops math with ESRAM.

I'm skeptical of this on both sides.
CryofSilence  +   733d ago

This is much more a physical possibility. It is extremely common for multicore chips to dynamically turbocharge, even in laptop and mobile processors. My 3 year old laptop with a first gen i7 onboard is capable of it. However, to my knowledge, there is no way RAM will increase FLOPS (Floating-point Operations Per Second), just the bandwidth to transmit the data. CPU/GPU create the FLOPS count. ;)

Edit: Perhaps you are referring to how the theoretical bandwidth limit of eSRAM in conjunction with DDR3 is over 200 GB/s? That is a physical possibility, but time will tell.
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ChrisW  +   733d ago
Yes, it can go that high... Phenomenally higher if cooled with liquid nitrogen.

Will Sony ever make a patch to make it go that high? I strongly believe not. Because all games are built around the standardized GHz for optimal performance with least amount of problems.
pedrof93  +   733d ago
Can someone show me the original source ?
Irishguy95  +   733d ago
Why well said for you and not for lifeisgamesok? The only reason it wouldn't be put up is because of heat. The thing about 'overclocking' is that it brings on heat. And alot of it if you clock it too high for your cooling system to handle.
abzdine  +   733d ago
You want a futureproof console, here you go!!
Friday 29th cannot come soon enough
ajkula  +   733d ago
well, the turbo core tech, as mentionned, can lower the freq. to minimal uses, then higher the freq. of all cores up to a certain speed THEN to less threads sensitive applications, reduce the number of core activated and boost those remaining to the ceiling...
in no way it'll boost all 8 cores to 2.75, this would be toasting the proc...
there must be a precise ratio here, which i have no idea.
and a real question fans should ask themselves is, at which clock speed all 8 cores ceiling??

..instead of being doubtful about things everyone ignore here!
SINCE, it is factual that the jaguar is capable of "turbo core tech"
Consoldtobots  +   733d ago
this isn't some secret sauce, my 4 yr old laptop has the same type of core and can do the same thing.
GarrusVakarian  +   734d ago
Don't worry, Sony are hardware geniuses, they have all that tech in a tiny box and the power brick inside too.


140 degrees F (60C) after playing Killzone SF for 3 hours straight which is very good indeed.
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Sitdown  +   734d ago
After unboxing my ps4, it slowly became apparent how hideous the ps3...I got my ps3 fat and ugly with the full intentions of hurting it's feelings. It's place in the entertainment cabinet now belongs to another.
majiebeast  +   734d ago
Yeah my 6870 is idling now at 45-50 degrees celsius. If i start playing a game it goes up to atleast 70.


Phat PS3 is the BBW of consoles.
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pyramidshead  +   734d ago
If they designed it to withstand the heat from the CPU going up to 2.75 then holy crap. So long XB1 CPU advantage. If true....no wonder Sony kept this number quiet :P
scott182  +   734d ago
Why the crap don't they just say what it runs at so people can stop with the rumors?
Themba76  +   734d ago
my laptop runs hotter than that my laptop can get up to 91c
mkis007  +   734d ago
My pc rig with an oc'ed i7 920 3.6 ghz aa gtx 680 a gtx 660 and cooling with a corsair h70 has my temps at 40-50 C idle...heat is not going to be a problem, no matter how much people want it to.

In game those jump to around 64C
mxrider2199  +   734d ago
i played for 29 hrs straight no over heating issues at all i was streaming too
ajkula  +   733d ago
@scott182: simply because from their point of view AND a business intelligence point, it's none of yours business and you should care about the game quality first when you first think of buying an entertainment hardware, not the specs inside it...
if you remember the jaguar from atari, which had a dual highly capable processors for its time BUT also embended an old motorola 68000...
...that the devs preferdd to use from laziness...
whatever, just think in their place!
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Consoldtobots  +   733d ago
good stuff!!!

I use mine in landscape mode and it looks like that runs 10° cooler at peak.
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ZBlacktt  +   733d ago
Yes, this is why they have sold the most consoles on the planet. Why they come out with Slim and Super Slim lines!

Nice avie. I went to that concert in 86. Got a picture wearing the shirt from back then if you want to see it for the laughs, lol. Still and always metal to this very day!

\n/ o.o \m/

But yeah, I've played ACF up to 10 hours a day. Not a single issue as expected. That's playing for hours. Go eat, leave the console on... continue playing.
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GarrusVakarian  +   733d ago

Man,i can't even express how jealous i am of you. Seriously huge Met fan here. I saw them last year, going to see them again whenever they come back here. They played so fast in 86 from the youtube vids, it was like 2X tempo.

Yeah PM me the pic lol (you have me on block though btw)
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Mosiac77  +   734d ago
What great rumor and it will forever stay a rumor.
C-H-E-F  +   734d ago
Didn't they say something about a surprise upon opening up the ps4? Is this it? If not then ehh I guess i'll have to continuing playing Killzone Shadow Fall and 2k14 plus the other games I bought until someone unlock the surprise for me because frankly i'm to lazy to do it myself. :D
JsonHenry  +   733d ago
Too hot? It is under-clocked already from its typically stock running speed. My 8-core AMD CPU in my PC runs pretty close to this same pattern. It idles lower then when a game or application that is more demanding is started it jumps from like 3.6ghz or something to 4.2ghz.

Its pretty standard these days for AMD CPUs. Whether the PS4 does this or not I don't know. But it wouldn't be much of a stretch to say it is possible since the rest of AMDs desktop/laptop line up of CPUs all do this all day every day and have for a long time now.
Kleptic  +   733d ago
^exactly...This shouldn't be too surprising...both AMD and Intel have base clocks with 'boost' multipliers when applications call for it...

thermal management is the only question...and considering jaguars are low tdp, low heat units to begin with, i'd be very surprised if a turbo setting of 2.75 makes some outrageous difference in heat output...

however, people need to keep that in context...a cpu's frequency has zero effect on its instructions per cycle limit...and jaguar cores are horrendously bad in this area (not a big deal for a console, as the OS is simple)...but having very low IPC figures do not get very tangible differences from overclocking...

So...just saying...this could be true...but even then, you'd never know the difference...the cpu's between the xbox one and PS4 will perform nearly identically, even if one is clocked slightly differently...

the new consoles are gpu-centric devices, any performance differences between them will ALWAYS be because of the gpu differences...
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Cernunnos  +   733d ago
People forget that turbo only applies to one core. So the other 7 cores will still run at 1.6ghz. That's why the heat output does not increase significantly.
frostypants  +   733d ago
Yeah...most processors can technically be overclocked beyond the speed they are initially set to. However the clock at which they are set tends to be below capacity in order to maintain safe operating temperatures. That's why when PC modders OC the CPU, one generally also throws in all sorts of additional cooling mechanisms...more fans, better thermal paste, bigger heat sink, etc. Sony won't bump the clock speed of this processor...even if later batches of the chip are more capable of managing it safely, they wouldn't fracture the capabilities of their install base that way.
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ipach  +   733d ago
theoretically, the non-used cores partially help dissipate some of the heat and enable the chip to operate at those speeds. that's how it works on their PC CPUs at least
BallsEye  +   733d ago
It alrady heats up over 60 degrees at normal clock. Why would anyone belive it can go up from 1.6 to 2.75 without overheating?? You guys are unbelievable.
Madderz  +   733d ago
Says the guy with 2 bubbles.
BallsEye  +   733d ago

Bubbles on n4g only mean if you're a hardcore sony fanboy (tons of bubbles) or not (almost none) it got nothing to do with facts or truth.


You can read numbers, right?
61 celsius - 141 f after 20 mins of KZ

now where is my bubble up for stating a fact? According to you I should get some.
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RegorL  +   733d ago
1) 60 degrees is not a problem unless you put it in a box, resulting in 60 degrees air intake...

2) How do you know KZ runs on normal clock?
If any game might utilize boost already it is KZ...
Letros  +   734d ago
All modern processors do "turbo" for reduced core processing, been around for ages...
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Sm00thNinja  +   734d ago
^^^^^ this man is correct
indysurfn  +   733d ago
he made two statments only one of them is correct. It has been around for ages, but not all modern have turbo, not all by a longshot!
frostypants  +   733d ago
No, he isn't. In processor terms, Turbo is a marketing term, not a technical one.
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Statix  +   733d ago
Not in consoles. Everyone assumed that the CPUs in these new consoles just ran at a fixed base clockrate.
R1V3N  +   733d ago
assumed, key word. it would be like the multi threading in my laptop 2.8 ghz single core apps 2 ghz for all multi threaded apps
Volkama  +   733d ago
Indeed, turbo generally downclocks other cores to boost a single core. On a PC this is a way to get better performance from programs that hammer one thread alone. It is of limited use in the consoles where you'd expect games to be properly multi-threaded anyway.

Still, additional options for developers can't be perceived as a negative.
NarooN  +   733d ago
Turbo boost as a concept has been around for a long time, but not all modern CPU's support it, not by a long shot. There are more CPU's than just x86 Intel and AMD processors, and not even all modern Intel/AMD chips support it.
LordDhampire  +   734d ago
Yeah, not a chance
ATiElite  +   734d ago
And it's less efficient and less powerful than an Intel so who cares.

Not really talking about the PS4 but just AMD cpu's in general
DragonKnight  +   734d ago
Why do you make pointless comments like this?
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NarooN  +   734d ago
What do Intel CPU's have to do with this, lol? Absolutely nothing.
indysurfn  +   733d ago
Since we are comparing xbox one to PS4 I have to wonder. You do know that Microsoft has the same brand cpu in the xbox one dont you?

You said not 'really' talking about, but if that was true you should have said not talking about xbone, and PS4. But you didn't.
LordDhampire  +   733d ago
No they don't microsoft might be based off same processor but since they added esram to the die it would produce to much heat
Magicite  +   733d ago
have u made benchmarks on it so u can prove your point?
Persistantthug  +   733d ago
ATiElite makes pointless comments like these as his little subtle attempt to jab at consoles.

He's been angry for years with how consoles continue to get first class treatment, while PC gaming is relegated to second class treatment among the AAA budget developers and industry.

ATiElite is a bitter gamer and bitter n4g member....... basically.
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ATiElite  +   732d ago
Ha ha your too funny! AMD's suck NO MATTER WHAT THEY R IN!


there goes your second class right there!

PC we play games NOT talk about them!
Persistantthug  +   732d ago
You're not playing GTA 5.....not on your PC.
Rockstar treats PC gaming as if it's second class.

ATiElite  +   731d ago

what Game besides Red Dead has NOT been on the PC from Rockstar?

GTAV PC will arrive when PS4-XB1 versions arrive.

your statements are so DUMB. Do you even think before you type....apparently NOT!
Persistantthug  +   731d ago
Even if Rockstar does eventually bring GTA 5 to the PC, it would still be late, and thus, SECOND CLASS treatment.

Rockstar doesn't even care enough about PC gaming to be bothered bringing it on time.
Rockstar isn't the only one either.
I'm sorry but it is what it is.
ATiElite  +   731d ago
is GTAV on PS4 or XB1 right NOW?


So PS4 and XB1 are second class too right according to YOU, you stupid idiot.

you are so friggin STUPID! stop talking to me and go away. go play TLOU for the 99th time as you don't even have a PS4 yet.
GoldenMonkey35  +   734d ago
Would it make a difference? the console is still underpowered just like the xbox one. I give the wii u a pass just because Nintendo seems to be the only one out of the big 3 to understand consoles cant compete with the pc market on trying to make super duper graphics and all that other stuff sony and ms try to brag about. Instead they focus on an affordable console that can make nice clean graphics with super fun games focusing on gameplay.
Orbilator  +   734d ago
really? i have yet to see gears3 or killzone 3 beaten apart from res on a pc so stop talking utter nonsense
Jovanian  +   734d ago
"i have yet to see gears3 or killzone 3 beaten apart from res........... and framerate and texture quality and anti aliasing and performance and tesselation and DX11 features and aesthetic"

Fixed that for you. Look at any high spec PC game and you will see it beats those two games in pretty much all categories I listed. Same for pretty much every other PS4 or XB1 'next gen' game which can barely handle 1080p and barely meet 60 fps, PC standards since for like a decade
starchild  +   734d ago
That's because you are blind or looking through special fanboy goggles. Even the best looking games on PS4 like KZSF still don't look as good as the better looking games on PC.

Gears 3 and Killzone 3 look very poor compared to the best PC games.
Statix  +   733d ago
They may look better, but Killlzone 3 or Gears of War 3 do not look "poor" by any means, even by today's standards.
solidboss07  +   733d ago
Guess what. I spend a few hundred on a great console, and I am set for nearly a decade (PS4). I like women, sport and other things that require money, like life. I don't need to spend thousands just to up the resolution on a PC version of a console game.
Wow, look! I am playing 6 different WOW games at once on my amazing rig, while I4 internet pages are open...... yeah...... that's great, why don't you step outside and make some Vitamin D?
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JsonHenry  +   733d ago
Then, Orbilator, you know NOTHING of PC gaming. Because those games were beat BEFORE they came out on the console of choice. (in terms of graphics fidelity, I'm not speaking as the "fun" factor of the games)
Soldierone  +   734d ago
Crisis proves graphics isn't everything.
Jovanian  +   734d ago
ah yes...the classic sony response when they are called out on their hypocrisy for championing graphics when comparing their hardware to the XB1, but suddenly having a complete reversal in opinion when comparing their hardware to even a medium spec PC. I don't think I'd be able to handle that kind of dissonance
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   734d ago
Ah yes, the old PC fanboy wet dream of elitism, compare a machine that swaps specs at will vs a console with fixed specs.Even tho we all know it makes no sense, let's do it anyways to make us feel better about that $400 we blew on a GPU.
sorane  +   734d ago
I could say the same about Killzone which is even worse in both graphics and gameplay.
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Jovanian  +   734d ago

"Even tho we all know it makes no sense"

I don't see why consoles deserve special treatment and are suddenly not allowed to be compared to another piece of hardware that is used for gaming
starchild  +   734d ago
Ah yes, the old console fanboy standby of screaming "elitism", while they turn around and act like true elitist douchebags to other console gamers. This is especially true of you Sony fanboys. Hypocrisy at its finest.

The only difference is, there really is fairly minimal difference between most of the consoles, while the PC is objectively far ahead.

Edit: sorane's right, you guys need to quit bashing Crysis all the time. If anything, Killzone fits that description better.

Metacritic scores:

Crysis = 91
Crysis Warhead = 84
Crysis 2 = 86
Crysis 3 = 76
Series average = 84.25

Killzone = 70
Killzone Liberation = 77
Killzone 2 = 91
Killzone 3 = 84
Killzone Mercenary = 78
Killzone Shadow Fall = 73
Series average = 78.83
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Soldierone  +   734d ago
Yeah we are happy about graphics and what we get out of it, but it doesn't mean everything. We also get exclusives and get excited for those too, when is the last time a PC fan was going nuts for games? Never, its always "well my 2k dollar computer can run it at two more frames a second than yours!!!!"

Yet when we talk games, PC fans just go "who cares, it'd run better on pc...." Guess what, you don't get it. You Don't like Killzone, yet you love Crysis because it "looks amazing" makes no sense.... No one on consoles cares at all that you spent so much money to run your PC at max settings, not a single console fan at all.

Sony fans and Xbox fans go at it with each other, then PC fans try to be the "elites" in it all. Stop, just go play your games and stop crying consoles hold you back.
dantesparda  +   734d ago
Oh the irony of starchild calling anyone a fanboy. And yes the PC is a more capable platform.
jebabcock  +   733d ago
Pc gaming is an atrocious experience out side of the fact that most of the games I like aren't developed for the pc... I also don't like having to buy a new graphics card Everytime I want to buy a game new and then still having compatibility issues or awful glitching that may or may not ever get fixed.

A console provides good graphics, reliable gameplay, and an Un matched game library for those who don't want to dump a large sum of cash into a pc to get a mediocre game experience with the potential for better graphics...
Statix  +   733d ago

Lol at the "fairly minimal difference" statement between the Xbox One and PS4. How is 100% greater number of pixels rendered in Call of Duty: Ghosts, and 60% greater in Battlefield 4 considered minimal? Are you too ignorant to acknowledge the massive difference between 1080p and 720p?

Fact of the matter is, PC hardware and console hardware cannot be directly compared. Consoles are fixed, closed architectures, while PC is open-architecture with an infinitely variable number of possible configurations. Comparing the two on a raw-power spec basis is moot, ESPECIALLY at this early stage when developers have yet to gain familiarity with optimizing for these new systems.

To lend you a bit of much-needed perspective, the PS3 is 7-year old hardware, equipped with an ancient 7800GTX GPU, yet it is still capable of pulling off gorgeous looking games like The Last of Us. That should tell you something about the potential longevity of these systems.
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Srelhow  +   733d ago
A gamer is someone who loves games and is willing to buy any piece of hardware that can expand there ability to play games and the choice of what to play on is there's alone to make. PC, PS3, 360, WII, WII U, PS4, and XB1 is just hardware for us to game on. So please can someone explain to me what the fuss is all about. Does the hardware make the game or does the game make the hardware. Does it matter that Joe plays on a Playstation and Sam plays Xbox or George likes PC, NO.... As long as they are getting a gaming experience they enjoy. By the way people can own more than one piece of hardware to game on you know. Right?????

WeedyOne  +   733d ago
Crysis 1 was a very good game, its the sequels that sucked.
webeblazing  +   733d ago
I don't think anyone brag about crisis and most of the comment here are coming out people a$$ cause the cant come up with a better argument. we see it all the time with the wii and wiiU the have the best exclusives but get downplayed buy ps fanboys. pc have a ton of exclusives that's not mmos and pc gamers don't forces their opinion of what games they like down people throat either.

pc have too many games too that's why people dont go nuts over one game. pc gamers heavily criticize games when its called for, and the main reason yall go nut over ps exclusive is because it made by sony and most people on this site is fanboys. point like I said look at Nintendo do you here Nintendo fans bashing people or saying their exclusive games is the greatest and ps has no games.

if sony next console would be a modular system that you can upgrade and swap out components everyone on this site would be jumping up and down stating how revolutionary it is.

and you don't need to upgrade your pc have to be ancient for that to happen you need a GTX 260 for ac4 that came out in 2008 so update is the same as consoles with more benefits
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AceBlazer13  +   734d ago
Must hurt you huh? pc being ignored by the masses while these two weaker consoles come and take the spotlight for themselves. must be boring in pc land, no one to compete with. GTFO and go to the pc articles

cause im sure everyone just can't wait to get the next big title on their pc. pc as a gaming platform is overshadowed by consoles maybe because they are specifically for gaming
#5.3 (Edited 734d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
Jovanian  +   734d ago
" pc being ignored by the masses"

I'm pretty sure there are more homes in america that own a PC than there are that own a console...
LeCreuset  +   734d ago
How many of those PC's are being used for gaming?
LordNikon  +   734d ago

I'm pretty sure he was talking about the next-gen consoles being the center of attention for gaming news this past few months...

Anyway, dude. We get it. PC is awesome. I'm not even sure why you're trying so hard here.
sorane  +   734d ago

Does this answer your question?


Now how about you show me how many people are gaming on your platform of choice :)
LeCreuset  +   734d ago

Their whole argument is utterly stupid. Of course people are going to compare one console experience to another console experience. That makes sense. If you are in the market for a console, you are going to compare the specs of those consoles to see which is the better console. These arguments that they are presenting are comparing apples to oranges and are about as dumb as trying to compare console gaming to gaming on a mobile phone.
Jovanian  +   734d ago

idunno, I'm just real tired of the hypocrisy of sony fans constantly hounding the XB1 for being so inferior and then turn around and act like graphics don't matter when toe to toe with a machine that is actually better than it. In reality the graphical difference between the XB1 and PS4 is marginal at best, and the only real difference is between a next gen console and a mid/high end PC. People act like the teeny tiny difference between Xb1 and PS4 is like the grand canyon, and then the difference between the PS4 and PC is suddenly irrelevant.
LeCreuset  +   734d ago

Not really, actually. For one, you only showed a graphic, but lets take that at face value. I want to know how many of those PC's are being used for gaming. Technically, you could play a game of solitaire or good ol' minesweeper on a PC and be classified as a PC gamer. I want to know how many people are using their PC's as dedicated gaming devices. How many people are keeping their PC's up to date with the latest tech to play the latest games? That's what I'm asking. And of those people, how many of them are BUYING games?
webeblazing  +   733d ago
what type of question is that "How many people are keeping their PC's up to date with the latest tech to play the latest games?" who does this serious why do people post dumb question or just state dumb things on this site. it must be to downplay people choices. why would you need to keep you gfx card in you pc "always" up to date. seriously most of people argument on here is BS I started getting more into pc gaming like 4yrs ago and the gfx card I had can play all the games of today. it cost me $650 with everything except tv and windows pirated it(didn't feel like calling to put os on new pc).
isa_scout  +   734d ago
Yeah, but tell me bro how was Uncharted and The Last Of Us on your super duper PC? Oh, you didn't play those games?Why? Oh, you don't have a console? There there don't cry, just run along now troll.
Every system whether it's a PC,PS3,360,WII, WII U,PS4, or XOne has good,fun, beautiful games. Don't look like a jackass by saying things that only a jackass would say.
hesido  +   733d ago
You talk about Nintendo being affordable and omit the fact that performance per dollar is WAY higher for PS and XBox products, compared to nintendo products. You get way less performance per dollar on nintendo, and you talk about it as if it is a good thing.
webeblazing  +   733d ago
system design is different for consoles Nintendo knows this that's his point that why they always try new things for gameplay purposes

nin >> lets mix it up try a new way to play (wii mote, new remote, light gun, glove, etc get it).

sony and ms >> lets just upgrade it(new gfx card, new cpu, more ram, etc get it)
tontontam0  +   733d ago
for a $400 machine I think it is not underpowered.
Bathyj  +   734d ago
So the clock speed is variable, and the one thing governing what speed to go up to is how many cores you want to use and how much heat you produce?

Thats pretty cool, is that normal?

So theoretically, all cores could sit on whatever speed they wanted to a certain point like 2 - 2.3 or so as long as it wasnt getting too hot.

Someone smarter than me want to tell me if thats correct.

Also, does anybody know if the Xbones is locked?
#6 (Edited 734d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
HighResHero  +   734d ago
From what I've read so far, more cores a at a lower clock speed can help to reduce heat.

Provided the PSU can handle it, yeah they will probably be able to run at over 1.6 Ghz if it can stay cool.

I don't think they have every been confirmed to be locked at 1.6 ghz specially anyway though.
1.8+ limit feels a bit more reasonable.

@Below, this wouldn't be the first time Sony has kept power "hidden" from plain sight. The PSP RAM and flash ROM were doubled via firmware update and I think the clock speed of the processor as well.
#6.1 (Edited 734d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Sarcasm  +   734d ago
It's pretty normal stuff. Basically it's just going to be variable clock speeds and depending on the developers how much CPU processing they actually even need.

It's going to be similar to TurboCore on Vishera. Basically when it uses only a few threads, the cores could clock up higher. If for some reason all 8 cores are maxed, then the cores will clock lower most likely at 1.6ghz flat.

Whichever it's going to stay at a specific TDP for heat reasons.
Skynetone  +   734d ago
my guess they will design the game to run at 2ghz across the board and when things get hectic on screen, like a few explosions then it will turbo up to max for the few seconds that it needs too, so the frame rate stays consistent

with the xbox one they will design the game to run at 1.5ghz and when the screen gets hectic it will raise up to 1.75ghz for a short time to keep the frame rate consistent

if they designed the xbox game to run at its max speed of 1.75ghz when things get hectic it has no where to go so the frame rate will drop for a few seconds

some people notice the frame rate drops some people don't, its up to the developers if they don't mind the occasional frame rate drop

if the ps4 can keep its self cool, they could have a game run at a constant 2.5ghz and let it turbo to 2.75ghz to iron out some of the explosions and more demanding effects
#6.3 (Edited 734d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
firefly69  +   734d ago
Well didnt you people seen the latest infamous trailer with interview


Brian Fleming says that they are not even using Cpu base power, all the work and power is been taken only on the GPU side.Just by this statement we can see how powerfull the Ps4 is since infamous looks amazing!Sony is well know for to hide secret sauce!
sigfredod  +   734d ago
i will not bet my hand on this rumor, if the cpu could go up to 2.0 GHz sony would brag about it already, i put my money in around 1.5 - 1.8 GHz range
n4rc  +   734d ago

The thing launched a week ago... How is this still a rumor?

If it were true. Sony wouldn't keep it to themselves with x1 launching tomorrow night... The only reason to stay quiet is because its not something they want publicially known...ie.. Its likely below 1.75

When has sony passed up a chance to brag about specs?
kingdom18  +   733d ago
Not sure, but why use all of your cards now when you fine, use them when you really need them.
jacksjus  +   733d ago
Well they didn't brag about having the DTS 7.1 Audio. They didn't brag that the camera that actually does a lot more than what they stated either.
Statix  +   733d ago
Because even a clockrate of 2.75GHz is a lower number than the 3.2GHz figure of the PS3 and Xbox 360 processors, and it wouldn't look good on a purely PR basis to publicize specs that are even slightly inferior on any metric to last-gen consoles. The average stupid consumer would just be like, "Durr, why is the CPU worse?" upon seeing the lower number. Hence, why Sony has nothing to gain from publicizing said figure.
#7.1.3 (Edited 733d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
Salooh  +   733d ago
But still a possibility if you think about it this way. Sony hide this power so that X1 make a weaker console . When they announce this they win easily ( like if they aren't winning right now XD ) .

They did hide the ram to developers so i wouldn't be shocked if they did that to the cpu too :P. But just like what you said , don't expect it..
B-radical  +   734d ago
Hmm i dont think it's true. If it is then that means sony was planning on keeping more power from consumers which i dont see them doing.
OpenGL  +   734d ago
That's not what this means at all, Intel's Turbo Boost and AMD's Turbo Core technologies simply allow power to be distributed in different ways. Applications that are not heavily multi-threaded can benefit as the chip diverts power from idle cores to active cores, allowing the clock speed and voltage to be increased.

The latest AMD PC APUs even allow the GPU's frequency to be increased / decreased based on the amount of thermal overhead available, so extra power can be diverted to the GPU if CPU cores are idle, and vice versa.
Sm00thNinja  +   734d ago
Old, Microsoft also has access to Turbo core technology, this wouldn't be an advantage. The 2.75 although unlikely is theoretical and possibly. Microsoft is claiming a 10% CPU advantage but this was in a patent filed long ago. Highly unlikely Sony is proud of their beast. This wouldn't be kept secret
Tooly  +   733d ago
That 10 Percent Is what They already Had They just gave it to the kinect....There Talking About Givinq It Back To Games.So Right Now the 1.32 tflops is decreased by 10% til they decide to give it back. Its really not an increase
#9.1 (Edited 733d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Belking  +   734d ago
lol...Thats totally bogus. You can't upclock a cpu that way or that much and not balance everything else, turbo or not. It just doesn't work that way.. It may be capable of it but it doesn't mean that it's running that. Don't be so naive people. Nothing in that backs up this ridiculous statement.
#10 (Edited 734d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
Honest_gamer  +   734d ago
I don't understand ur comment, my i7-3610qm goes from 2.3 to 3.3ghz just fine I fact it's made to do that, so you saying it's not possible just sounds retarded to me, and my graphics card also does that with some crappy nvidia Optimus (anyone know how to remove this pm me PLEASE looked online found nothing)

Can notice the jump using dxdiag or cpu z and gpu z
#10.1 (Edited 734d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
n4rc  +   734d ago
While I haven't had a desktop to upgrade in awhile.. That's not how it works.. Or it didn't

They dont overclock a 2.3ghz cpu to 3.3... But will under clock a 3.3ghz to 2.3 when it doesnt need the power.. Ive never known a cpu to do the opposite
Sm00thNinja  +   734d ago
You have no idea what you're talking about, and your one bubble backs up that statement. In any case this is highly unlikely even if the PS4 AND XBONE are capable
ZeroX9876  +   734d ago
Did anyone opened the link?

It says they can sacrifice the 8 core to a 4 core but at a higher clock speed. so not really an upgrade, but more of a easier job for 2 cores(or 4 cores) optimized games to be ported to PS4.

Do you know a lot of games optimized for 8 core CPU's even on PC? more cores means more latency between all of them compared to only one, but for heat issues multi-threading is a good option.
#10.3 (Edited 734d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Honest_gamer  +   734d ago
People need to get a grip look at the Mac mini doesn't even have a fan, about the size of a wii. If done right and using the right technology heat distribution is simple, I can play games on my mac all day and it's cold to the touch but has no fan.....
HighResHero  +   734d ago
You bring up a good point, but thermal limitations are very real as well
Thermal limitations, along with battery, limitations etc. are the reason why tablets(for example) are still struggling to run games on par with 8 year old consoles.
#11.1 (Edited 734d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Honest_gamer  +   734d ago
Nice reply, didn't consider that.

On a side note I hate how they are trying to make tablets and phones out to be the playstation killer (or Xbox Nintendo what ever) anyone tried playing infinity blade on ur iPhone? U get a couple hours max on full charge and ur phone basically melts in ur hand.
HighResHero  +   734d ago
Exactly, while "mobiles" progress, Laptops, Consoles, and PCs can progress at an even faster rate and aren't governed by the same battery, space, and thermal limitations.

Therefore, "Moore's Law" is variable, and doesn't even necessarily apply in every instance. Especially considering they are already having trouble manufacturing chips smaller than about 20nm. So, it is not only variable, but at this point dependent on the introduction of revolutionary manufacturing technology.

They can obviously coexist anyway which is what we've seen.
theXtReMe1  +   734d ago
People refused to believe me from the start when I speculated that the CPU speed was variable. I didn't actually know that they could make it even faster depending on how many cores they were using. That's amazing.

Yes, the Xbox One is locked at 1.75Ghz.

If this is true, this makes the PS4 a totally scalable machine over the duration of the generation. Allowing developers to get the most out of the system, the best way they see fit. Again, amazing.
Sm00thNinja  +   734d ago
THE XBONE has Turbo Core as well please don't spread false information. This isn't new and revolutionary technology
SpideySpeakz  +   734d ago
doubt it :/
its_JEFF  +   734d ago
This sounds dangerous!
jhoward585  +   734d ago
It seem to me that when turbo is used a few cores are shut off and the remaining active cores gets overclocked from 1.6GHz to 2.75Ghz.

I think the turbo feature only runs during Boss fights, etc.

Not run for long periods of time.
#14 (Edited 734d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   733d ago
I don't think it's the case of scaling on the action, but rather as you change from a game to an app (or even another game that's optimezed for a lower number of cores/higher speeds).
assdan  +   734d ago
I seriously doubt this, but it would be super awesome.
DragonKnight  +   734d ago
*sigh* Why do PC gamers have to come in articles like these and think anyone is comparing consoles to PCs? Is it really insecurity, or is it compensation?
MidnytRain  +   734d ago
I sympathize with those who wince at posts of praise for technically dated hardware.
DCfan  +   733d ago
Inb4 starchi... oh wait...
pwnsause_returns  +   734d ago
the Vtec of CPUs LMAO
SkullBlade169  +   734d ago
Isn't this just a standard feature of all modern CPUs?

Nothing to see here...
kewlkat007  +   734d ago
mysteryraz11  +   734d ago
pc gamers are just sad nerds, noone cares about the pcs games when the pcs most popular games are shit like league of legends and world of warcraft plus those flash games you find on facebook lol, outdated pc games sell more then bf or crysis on the pc, the difference is consoles have to be affordable they could easily make a console with the top bleeding edge hardware but they dont because of the price and the costs of mass producing it too over a million people
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   734d ago
PC gamers have every single game you can really ever think of that isn't a Playstation, Sega, Microsoft or Nintendo exclusive. So that accounts to a couple hundred games in its entirety you don't have on the PC. Batman arkham city and asylum, GTA series, Far Cry 2 and 3, Crysis 1, 2 and 3, Bioshock 1, 2 and Infinite, Alan Wake, Halo, Half Life, The Witcher 2, Oblivion, Battlefield 3.

I have a ton of PC games and am forgetting a bunch too...not one is league of legends or WOW.
#20.1 (Edited 734d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
mysteryraz11  +   734d ago
lol multiplats sell better on the consoles, consoles are getting the pcs games planetside 2 warframe etc, pc has lost so many of its exclusives and best seller like minecraft,diablo,doom sim city, noone cares about graphics on the pc cause most of them are playing mmo and free games like league of legends, its moronic to brag about high end pcs cause if consoles were to have the best hardware they would be to expensive to produce and the price would be sky high, its not rocket science,all those games are on consoles to so pc pretty much has no exclusives aside from outdated looking games to brag about,why should I care about the pcs graphics when I can play games like uncharted 3 or last of us or god of war 3 on my freaking ps3 a machine with less then 512mbs to use for games
webeblazing  +   733d ago
he says pc have no games but brag about the exclusives that made its way to ps4 typical fanboy. same just like witcher and games they wish the have or want like amnesia and star citizen. like I said before pc has too many games too list and people that game on pc is not going to force their opinion of what games they think is good down others throat like some fans(p$ fan.....) yea hes making himself look bad.

oh pc games comes out every single day and the fanbase is not snobby to overlook them just because their not made by sony or that their gfx isn't on the cutting edge of technology most pc gamers are nipping in the but the constant bashing that ps fanboy seems to do on every article and some just do it to give yall a taste of yall medicine.
#20.1.2 (Edited 733d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
Holeran  +   734d ago
I am a Sony fanboy after being effed over by the rrod multiple times last gen but, Sorry not a chance.
JuniorCE  +   734d ago
It wouldn't be a surprise at all... PS4 has got a better GPU and better Ram anyways...
jacksjus  +   734d ago
This system just keeps getting better. I hope they use this on future games.
mkis007  +   733d ago
I like the question mark at the end as if to make a it a valid title.
jc12  +   733d ago
#25 (Edited 733d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Corpser  +   733d ago
Still a slow CPU even at 2.75GHZ
MasterCornholio  +   733d ago
That's why they designed it with GPGPU functionality.

Nexus 7 2013
solidboss07  +   733d ago
Ohh, La la, Monsieur Playstation.
jade0732  +   733d ago
If true, then this is a really good thing but I would't be throwing a party just yet! Let's wait for some solid proof first!
kryteris  +   733d ago
Some how this must be true for consoles too, even though there is zero mention of it. Stupid article. All turbo core is, is lowering the speed on dormant cores, and increasing core 1 or two. This creates more heat and the issue with heat and consoles is that the gpu is fine, but the cpu shared with the gpu cannot get very hot. AMD cpu's are good at around 40-65, but gpu's are good up to 120.
DJ  +   733d ago
Cool beans.
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