British gamers admit to... urinating into BOTTLES to stay in their video world - Daily Mail

"New research from Domino's Pizza polled gamers across the UK
It found half of male gamers have turned down sex to play video games
Female gamers are most likely to ditch their friends to continue gaming
One in seven said they have relieve themselves into bottles to avoid leaving the room"

- Daily Mail

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PoSTedUP1763d ago

even in the midst of my Socom2 era of waking up and playing untill 4-5am everyday for two and a half months, i have never done this... (while gaming).

ThatCanadianGuy5141763d ago

Then you have not truly lived, my friend.

The cold breeze wafting through your room, tingling your berries as the warm plastic bottle gets heavier and heavier.

The sense of relief coupled with the strange feelings of a taboo art long shunned in modern society creates a Euphoric sense of extacy, amplified by the intensity required to pinpoint that stream through a nozzle the size of fruit loop.

The feeling is akin to Picaso's sense of perfection at the final master stroke of his painting, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon.

Or so i hear..

PoSTedUP1763d ago

lol. i couldnt word even a serious comment that well even if i tried. +bubs lmao.

iRocket1763d ago


I am highly disturbed, yet deeply fascinated.

Perjoss1763d ago

Thanks for this! Felt like i was on rockpapershotgun there for a sec :)

mikeslemonade1763d ago

They need bring back the ranking system in from SOCOM. Tired of this whoever plays more means they have higher rank BS.

MightyNoX1763d ago

Pfft! Amateurs~~

The trick is to pee just a LEETLE, let the strain dry and then pee some more.

Or so I hear...

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ATiElite1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

That's totally disgusting.

Pee in a bottle, NOT wash your hands, Urine Bottle sitting next to you, urine all over the controller.

That right there is how people get sick.

I have gaming marathons but I take breaks, go stretch, exercise, wash hands, take a shower, and eat. Common sense stuff because I'm not trying to die from sitting at a PC for 50 hours straight.

PoSTedUP1763d ago

agreed. its nasty. i use rubbing alc. on my controllers just for germs (feels so good to get out of the shower with clean hands and touch a clean 99.9% germ free controller). couldnt imagine mofos controllers with piss and nut sweat on them ewww *shivers*

HarryMasonHerpderp1763d ago

Don't believe everything the Daily Mail tells you.

Perjoss1763d ago

You see it as a way of getting sick, i see it as a way of building up resistance and immunity. People getting so damn soft these days.

pompombrum1763d ago

Thanks for the mental image..

*note to self*

Always take a controller round my friends with me in future!

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Reborn1763d ago

No game is worth peeing in a bottle for.

These are the reason why I always have two controllers for guests, lol jk.

But yeah, none are worth it.

MrBeatdown1763d ago

How was this research done? If it was just an anonymous survey, I'd say I peed in a bottle just because the option is there. Hell, if I could, I'd gladly tell Domino's I've taken a number two in a pizza box.

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