Video shows the “simultaneous kills” problem in Battlefield 4

A new video perfectly illustrates the "simultaneous kill" problem in Battlefield 4.

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MWong1733d ago

This happens far too often, still probably the horrible netcode. I hope this patch next week addresses these kind of issues.

sigfredod1733d ago

if i'm in combat and start shooting someone and he shoot at me even if i hit first and manage to kill him first, but if he also manage to shoot back before die, he only need 1 bullet on my head to kill me instantly no? or what do you expect for his bullets shot to dissapear just because he is dead?

ThanatosDMC1733d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. Maybe it's a COD thing.

rbluetank1733d ago

I see this all the time. I do not see this as a problem.

TekoIie1733d ago

Only thing I can really think of is that he L85 has a high rate of fire :/

Either way simultaneous deaths sucks :(