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What is it with console launches offering up dragon flight simulators that aren’t nearly as awesome as that combination of words suggests? It happened on the PlayStation 3 with Lair and it happens again on the Xbox One with Crimson Dragon.

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timotim1157d ago

The scores for this game is making me cry...rekindle that Panzer Dragoon magic!!!

Drewminati1157d ago

im still getting it. i'm a fan

badz1491157d ago

to be fair, aside from the showing on E3, even Microsoft themselves were not pushing for this game at all during their hands-on demos they organized a couple of times last month. they game is almost a no show despite being a launch title. so, this is really to be expected.

MizTv1156d ago

I want this game to be good
It looks very cool
When I get a x1 someday I will get this

timotim1157d ago

Me too! I have to support it, but its clear it wont come close to Orta😢

Godmars2901157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )


Never got the mentality of supporting something which is overall bad. If something bad sells well you'll only get more of the same.

They went from a Nausicaa Valley of the Wind theme where an individual navigated a post-apocalyptic bio-engineered world to a Squad basted Dragon Riders of Pern. A Pern in an early colonial stage yet with a competent understanding of the world while having all their tech at that. Doubt they're going to change back the gears.

And unless you've played the original three games, sorry, but you just don't know what you're talking about.

Orta was beautiful but pale and empty sequel.

timotim1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

Because Im sure Ill like the game on some level. Orta was fantasic, this is not that, but I still love the style and mechanics is brings. I need that PD type fix and been missing it for years.

Besides, Im not going to kill a dev just because they couldnt hit it out the park on their first at bat. I still believe in this team, and I still have hope that one day we will see a PD Saga style RPG. They will get better as time goes on I think.

My man...Ive owned and beat EVERY SINGLE PD game ever made. Orta was great. Yes, it lacked the depth of Saga, but compare to the other shooter in the series it was damn good.

tiffac0081156d ago

Panzer Dragoon Saga type RPG? Why, yes. Yes, please coz we all know Sega ain't gonna do it. So somebody else should.

guitarded771157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

EDIT: Damn't wrong reply :/

Godmars2901157d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Okay, so you've played all of the other PD and not just Orta. That just means we're two different gamers.

I'd rather an actual or "spiritual" sequel be more than something with a name slapped on it, and IMO Orta was exactly that.

FlameHawk1157d ago

Stop lying, just looking at your previous comments you would never get a Xbox One so stop trolling.

guitarded771157d ago

Crimson Dragon was your deciding factor of next-gen consoles?

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

this pay to play/win formula is gonna be very problematic this gen I see. Anyway..was only buying forza and ryse so this still won't too bad of a pickup for twenty bucks. I would have paid twenty bucks for a remastered version of panzer dragoon orta though.

busytoad1157d ago

2.5 score haha lmfao. Looks like Digital Trends didnt accept micro$oft's bribe to hide thier review score or to better it.

timotim1157d ago

You guys don't understand that you make us laugh more than anything else.

busytoad1156d ago

you sheep make us laugh,i bet you think microsoft cares for its customers over money LoL. Just remember what they did at E3