Thoughts on an Elongated Console Generation

It’s been a good run, but like most good runs it has to come to an end. For the PS3 and the Xbox 360, they have both definitely outlived their welcome. Providing gamers around the world with endless hours of entertainment, but as with anything they have started to grow tiresome of old toys.

Each console, whilst 6-7 years ago provided some decent hardware, cannot produce the same quality and/or fidelity as what they could before. It’s time for some new hardware that’ll allow developers to fully realise their creations of living worlds, smarter AI, higher quality character models and so forth.

The PS4 has already hit North America and the Xbox One will be hitting shelves as of the 22nd of November with the PS4 following suit a week later down under

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RocknRolla1699d ago

Elongated console generation. I can see that by what's happened overt eh last few years. MS and SONY seem to have elongated this generation too much!

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1699d ago

Ps3 had quite a few GOTY and close to/contender for multiple GOTY it was a great gen for ps3.