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Jon of RealGamerNewz writes, "Zombie Studios may still make this into a decent piece of shooter. Somehow there is still a dedicated community playing the game, a group of newcomers who find it promising, and a potential for a real profit to be made on the micro-transaction system while allowing a free competitive FPS game to exist on PS4. However, at this time it is an almost unplayable game on PlayStation 4. We implore Zombie Studios to work on the issues we’ve revealed here and unfortunately there’s not really much more to say about the game until these issues are fixed."

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amnalehu1645d ago

Totally disagree. This game is a lot of fun and in all fairness the game is still in BETA.

Hitman07691645d ago

No worries Amnalehu. I'm the one that wrote this piece and I gave your comment a thumbs up here on N4G. I have a good friend on PS4 who disagrees with me as well. I considered all of it and kept playing with the same horrible experience. Maybe not everyone has this experience, but I shared it with the world and the developers anyways in hopes that I can one day experience it actually being fun. Since it's in BETA for now I did not Review it and didn't assign a score, simply gave Impressions. Cheers.

amnalehu1645d ago

Good stuff. Thanks for the reply. I paid $60 for Battlefield 4 and other than the single player mode, it is almost unplayable. I paid nothing for Blacklight and every time I can't get into BF4 or get kicked, I fall back on Blacklight which I have had no issues with so far.

Hitman07691644d ago

That's fair enough and I look forward to playing some more of Blacklight. It's still on my hard drive so no hard feelings. :)