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Xbox One vs. PS4 - Camera Comparison

IGN - "We show the differences between the Xbox One's Kinect, and the PlayStation 4's Camera." (PS4, Xbox One)

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   735d ago
One camera is part of the hardware and functionality of the console, the other is an accessory and optional so no real need to compare them.
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JoGam  +   735d ago
True no need to compare them but its bound to happen. Great video. Im not sure he was saying the right keywords on the PS4 though.
4Sh0w  +   735d ago
Pope Im going to take a wild guess why you and others dont think 2 cameras on competing next gen consoles shouldnt be compared.

Yep because this vid demonstrates side by side, apples to apples proof that Kinect is superior to the ps camera. It works much better in practice and has more depth, tech and functionality. Plus let's not even talk about the difference in game support, so which do you expect to expand its use more and more throughout the UI and future games given its standard with every box?
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sexybeast69  +   735d ago
I agree that the Kinect is better in terms of tech, but I also think that since the PS4 camera works in conjunction with the DS4 that it lacks execution. I would rather play with the PS4 Camera and the DS4 together every time because I think that their is no viable replacement for buttons, yet.
FamilyGuy  +   735d ago
Also worth noting is audio commands can be done with the bundled headset on PS4.

They have another comparison for mic and camera audio quality on here that was posted too that showed the PS4 headset and camera audio quality to be terrible. I tried it out for the first time today with a friend and it was extremely clear though. We were in a voice chat and played co-op on Resogun and both using the bundled headset. I'm not sure why but there must be some interference at this guys office because when he tested it the sound was crap.
MysticStrummer  +   735d ago
That makes no sense. Of course they should be compared.

HammadTheBeast  +   735d ago
But the differences in price and overall "need" should be accounted for.
nasnas76  +   735d ago
Sure, technically the Kinect 2 is free as it doesn't cost you anything extra from buying the console. The PS Camera is $60.

I know people will complain saying that's not true. So let's go with scenario 2: $100 for the Kinect 2 and $60 for PS Camera. PS camera is optional so support will be very limited, much like how the 1st Kinect was. So the Kinect 2 will still give you more bang for your buck at $100 as it's fully integrated within the OS and many many nonKinect-specific games. The PS Camera will be what the old Kinect was, little support that's mostly only used be camera-specific games.

I know people gripe that they're being forced to buying the Kinect. But now because everyone has the Kinect, this will make developers want to develop new and interesting ways to interact with it. There's already lots of subtle interactions most games use Kinect with. Why would developers spend extra time and money into an optional accessory that a small percentage of customers have (PS Camera).
Spurg  +   735d ago
Oh so that's how you saw it...I saw it as one works much better than the other.
moparful99  +   735d ago
I dont know abouth the X1 but im using a ps3 turtle beach p11 wired headset and controlling my PS4 with just the mic.. works well, II'll post a video if anyone is interested..
assdan  +   735d ago
Xbox one camera is definitely better, but unnecessarily so. The only somewhat practical advantage is that it's 1080p
nasnas76  +   735d ago
Not true considering most of the video showed voice commands accuracy; the software behind Kinect is far superior over Sony's. Also I don't think Sony's can see in complete darkness. The picture showed the player larger on Sony's vs Kinect's field of view; meaning you can use Kinect in much smaller rooms than Sony can. That in itself was a huge problem over the original Kinect, not everyone has a large living room.
assdan  +   734d ago
So those are practical advantages in your opinion...
JoGam  +   735d ago
Good video.
Belking  +   735d ago
See how kinect recognized the person so he didn't have to put in a password. That's one of the things that make it better. Plus, all the other stuff like working in complete darkness, and player tracking totally kills the ps4 version. That video only shows a small portion of what kinect is capable of. Mighty brave of him to do a comparison though....lol

"Well, I'd rather spend $100 on games than gimmicks."

The way it's going right now you may have to spend that on repairs.
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HammadTheBeast  +   735d ago
Well, I'd rather spend $100 on games than gimmicks.

Why would you need it to work in darkness when a controller does the same thing?

Player tracking? PS4 one does this, the little split-screen switcheroo trick as well.

No one I know has a password on their console.... and what would happen if I put a picture of the persons face in front of Kinect?

Either way, these things are nice the first couple of times, then become a hassle or useless.
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KingDadXVI  +   735d ago
The PS4 does facial recognition too. The difference is that you do not need to turn the Xbox on like the PS4. When you walk into the room with the Kinect and the Xbox is off all you do is say Xbox on and the Kinect automatically sees you and signs you in.

I can see how it would be a hassle for the PS4 seeing how you have to turn the console on and then get your face in the correct position. That is why I won't buy the PS Eye once I get a PS4. I am however excited about using the Kinect for the Xbox One when I get it.

With the Kinect you can come into the room and tell the Xbox to turn on and be recognized before you even turn the light on.

"Why would you need it to work in darkness when a controller does the same thing?"

The reason the Kinect sees in infrared (heat), UV (night vision), and the regular visual spectrum is for several reasons:

1. By seeing in all three types of light spectrums the lighting conditions in you room will not affect its ability to see you (i.e. low light, really bright light, lots of shadows, etc.) which was a failing of the original Kinect and is an issue with the PlayStation Eye.

2. Some games are more fun to play in the dark like horror games or in my opinion I like to have the light dimmed somewhat for most games so you can focus more on the game. This will not work for the PS4 Eye.

3. The infrared allows the Kinect to detect things like heart rate, blood pressure, etc. which admittedly is not really being used much other than in sports/exercise games (not really my cup of tea but great for others). But as time goes by you will probably see developers make use of this in novel ways like detecting things like fear, anxiety, and stress levels which could influence how the game will progress (like figuring the best time to scare the shit out of you. It just adds a deeper level of interaction with the game.

They both work well but the Kinect is just a more sensitive and refined system.

The one mistake he made was in saying that the Kinect is not capable of live streaming which is not true. The Kinect can live stream but not to Twitch at launch as the app is not ready. That kind of pisses me off but I would rather they launch the app a couple of months late rather than a broken one that sucks to use.

I personally could care less about the full motion control gaming but I think that the little extras like using certain gestures in a game or voice commands could become really fun once you get used to it.
RandomDude655  +   735d ago
ummmm.....you can log in via face recognition on ps4.
True_Samurai  +   735d ago
Yea....by putting your face in a frame
cell989  +   735d ago
"The way it's going right now you may have to spend that on repairs"

really? thats your best comeback? as if Sony doesnt offer a cost free warranty

This guy... he is way over his head, you go too far Belking way too far
HammadTheBeast  +   735d ago
I doubt it, I used all my "repair money" on the dual RROD I had.
MysticStrummer  +   735d ago
Ahhh Belking. What is it with you? Do you willfully try to misinform, or are you just a very outspoken person with inaccurate information?

Until Kinect is shown to be an indispensable component for gaming, it remains nothing but a gimmick. Unfortunately it's a mandatory gimmick.

Your attempted jab about repairs ignores reality, but that's nothing new. PS4's defect numbers could still climb a long long way before leaving the acceptable range, and MS's defective 360 record may never be broken.
punisher99  +   735d ago

"The way it's going right now you may have to spend that on repairs."

This statement right here just made your whole comment completely null and void. A small percentage of consoles have issues and you xbox fanboys completely wet your panties.
Fatal-Aim  +   735d ago
@ belking

If you're gonna troll, get your facts straight first. FYI, the PS4 Camera CAN see in the dark. It was never portrayed in the video, however. If you look at the spec sheet, the camera uses something called "Dual Lenses, F value/F2.0 fixed focus" http://www.thehdroom.com/im...

In case you are having trouble with that, which I'm sure you are, F2.0 basically means this: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

That's F2.4. The PS4 Camera is an F2.0, which makes it a superior lens. Do the math...
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KingDadXVI  +   735d ago
It can see better in lower light conditions with this lens for sure. It cannot see in the dark. The different aperture just means that it lets in more visible light than the other aperture. This only goes so far. It also does not negate the affect of varying light sources that cause shadow, intense lighting conditions or lack of light. It does not see in Ultra Violet which works in in all lighting conditions from total darkness to full light and with shadows. It also does not see in Infrared which is the same as the heat cameras that the police helicopters use (more commonly know as FLIR). Those features make the Kinect far more sensitive than the PS Eye. You also do not have to turn or move your head and body around to get a 3D image for facial recognition with the Kinect as you do with the Eye.

The Kinect is a far more advanced camera/motion sensor/voice recognition tool than the Eye.

All that being said I agree that there is no real call for pointing out PS4 failures when there is no doubt going to be Xbox One failures too.

We are all going to have fun with our consoles for the simple fact that the do what we wanted them to do.
nasnas76  +   735d ago
Having a low F stop is not the same as being able to see in complete darkness. You still need some light for it to see. Actice IR sensors can see in COMPLETE darkness.
forward to 1:00 mark for the lighting demo

Nobody was denying that the PS4 can (for now) put out more pixels than the Xbox. Why do people really think the PS Camera is on par with the Kinect 2? Yes the PS Camera is far superior than the original Kinect. But the Kinect 2 is also superior over the new PS Camera.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   735d ago
did you really have to go for such a pathetic stab? the playstation brand will NEVER reach the pitiful levels of disappointment microsoft bestowed upon its users with the xbox 360. you see a few hundred amazon reports and you think this is a worthwile discussion? nah bro. make no mistake, playstation has a few million consoles bricks to go before it comes anywhere near XBOX brand standards. lets not act too quickly now.
Omegasyde  +   735d ago
Belking - I am going to instant message you every article I can find next week regarding ANY issue that the Xbox1 is having.

Be prepared.
Sm00thNinja  +   735d ago
Not really a fair comparison, but the PS Camera is a solid accessory. The Kinect on the other hand is a solid piece of hardware. I can't wait to see how developers finally utilize the Kinect now that they can account for every Xbox
MRMagoo123  +   735d ago
In all honesty i dont see it getting much use, i see it this way, the devs have to put more work into the xbox one versions of games as it is because of the hardware setup, I cant imagine they will want to invest more time in implementing extra things as well just so kinect can have a purpose not anything meaningful anyway, if anything the devs will have a lot more free time with the ps4 development that they might add stuff involving the touch pad.

The devs have to put in far more work to get the xbox one versions working and they still arent on par with the ps4 multiplat wise, tho i have to say maybe the MS first party games may try adding things because of only doing one console version and we will see what they can do with it, which shall be interesting.
cell989  +   735d ago
this is very true, its a double edge sword, it might bring some cool experiences, but it will also be a headache on devs. Not everyone will welcome Kinect with arms wide open
punisher99  +   735d ago

" I can't wait to see how developers finally utilize the Kinect now that they can account for every Xbox"

And thats what scares me right there and a big reason why Im glad the PS4's cam isn't mandatory. I really dont want gaming to become one big gimmick.
crazyclown  +   735d ago
lawgone  +   735d ago
From reading the comments on IGN it appears many of their readers masturbate while playing video games. Pretty talented if you ask me.
Hicken  +   735d ago
It's pretty easy, and all the cool kids are doing it.
lawgone  +   735d ago
Omegasyde  +   735d ago

I can see it now..people going to check out a video on twitch/ustream and see the game and in the picture-in-picture they see a guy fapping.

I will coin it now and call this event "D!ck-rolled".
Hicken  +   735d ago
@Omega: lmfao! d!ck-rolled is an instant classic!
lawgone  +   735d ago
I had no interest in the Kinect on the 360 but the new one does look pretty cool.
GearSkiN  +   735d ago
That's what extra 100 gets you, if pseye can improve wonder what else kinect can do... Kinect took this one.
Riderz1337  +   735d ago
The fact that you can live stream using the camera on twitch instantly makes the PlayStation camera better.
worldwidegaming  +   735d ago
That is software and a patch away. Microsoft said 2014...
Riderz1337  +   735d ago
I know they said 2014, but I'm talking about what is happening now. PS4 has it, Xbox One doesn't.
GoodnessGreatness  +   735d ago
What's the point of voice command? Like really, it's cool at first but it's so useless. Using the controller is faster.
ironmonkey  +   735d ago
Ps4 camera looks way more responsive and the xbox one has lag input just look at the hands moving
btk  +   734d ago
Kinect 2 higher resolution, PS4 Camera higher fps.
Kinect Voice commands is miles ahead.

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