Pure Nintendo reflects back on the Wii U’s first year

The Wii U has reached the one year anniversary in North America. The Pure Nintendo staff (Thomas Jones, Justin Sharp, Justin Hinton (J-Money), Trevor Gould, Tristan Meiman, & James Higginbotham) takes a moment to reflect on its first year.

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link2Dpast1768d ago

The games have been pretty good not as often that's all do much hate for Nintendo. if Nintendo disappears gaming disappears and many of you that support and hoard games like call of duty and not give certain games a chance that are quality that slowly kills what gaming is. Technology is great but I belive is what has drove all of us away, back then there were no reviews that you could immediately check or a video that basically determines everyone decision on buying it, you just bought a game and tried it for yourself. OR if your Freind had a different system Sega v.s Nintendo days you would go over and try it out before you made the opinion that you didn't like it. Now people just ramble on and say everything sucks with out even giving it a try because they follow what others say. It's a sad world but some one had to step up and talk.

Africa-Garvey1767d ago

i believe Nintendo will bounce back with the Wii U

cesuf1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

As a happy WiiU owner (due to having kids and some nostalgia from the NES and SNES days), overall Im happy with the console.

Im kind of disappointed that the system isn't more powerful, but other things are really done well despite this.