PlayStation 4 fires a powerful first shot in the next-gen console war -- REVIEW

Back at their February press conference in NYC, Sony took the stage — almost tentatively — to reveal their next-generation PlayStation 4 platform. Having not released a new home console in nearly seven years, they were re-entering a competitive landscape that had changed considerably since the PlayStation 3 landed, rather ungracefully, in 2006. Having dominated the pre-PS3 era — putting 155 million-plus PS2s in living rooms — they were now facing an audience they no longer knew, one that’d become increasingly content to flail their limbs in front of Nintendo’s Wii and fling birds at pigs on smartphones and tablets. Couple this shift to more casual fare with PS3’s rough start, and their gaming-dedicated PS4 seemed like a risk.

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Nekroo911765d ago

finally an honest review, this one and ign

MRMagoo1231765d ago

The one francis did is by far the best review i have seen yet of both the consoles watch it if you havent, hits the nail dead bang on the head.

iGAM3R-VIII1765d ago

agreed, only polygon will do a bias review tbh

I like fair reviews because you should never in favour one and the other, even I as a PS4 gamer know that there is some faults and the same goes for X1. No console is perfect

DigitalRaptor1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )


"For gamers by gamers. The ultimate game console and gaming system".

Nothing else comes close.

Sm00thNinja1765d ago

So because other reviews were harsher, some claiming the Xbone was better; All those sites are discredited? We all have PS4s by now why all these constant reviews to validate a great console? I know I'm loving my PS4, and can't wait to pick up my xbox one

cell9891765d ago

the only site discredited is Polygon, because they are blatantly bias, and that automatically debunks them

Enemy1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Just because some reviews are more negative than others doesn't mean they're not being honest. Even this 91/100 is stupid. It's still way too early to review any of the next gen consoles.

How could you deduce a final verdict based on a product that isn't really finished showing its guns? There will always be more games and more updates. Obviously there's going to be those people, begging hits on their websites, thinking they're cool for having one of the first reviews, convincing others that, "but hey, it's on shelves, we might as well pick it apart now and ignore what comes later because we're retards."

Blackdeath_6631765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

no i disagree completely. once a product can be bought with money then it is open for being judged to inform the consumer what they are buying into once more features are added sure gaming site will cover those as well but at launch this is the state of the two console and this is what we think of it, if companies were really concerned about those extra feature maybe they should have put them in before launching. when something is up for sale then it is open for criticism. giving arbitrary scores to games consoles and indeed games is however, stupid and is a tumour in the otherwise rotting state of gaming journalism

KillrateOmega1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

People will be buying it now, so it is only logical to do a review now.

It's a simple matter to do a re-review some months down the road after UI features have been added and improved, updates have been sent out, hype has given way to objectivity, and more games have been released.

There is nothing wrong with doing a review at this point in time. Chill out, man.

solidt121765d ago

I can't wait to see what the future holds for us at E3 2014. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

Sm00thNinja1765d ago

For those yet to secure a PS4. It is glorious! Those that have, and you're not a blind biased buffoon add me: SmoothNinja. I'm tearing up BF4 ! Skill: 350 K/D: 2.37 W/L: 67%

cell9891765d ago

damn son, good stats right there.

Anyway Yes!! the Ps4 is that good, If you havent purchased one yet, what are you waiting for?

Sm00thNinja1765d ago

Ty Ty I try real hard! I'm so sold on the PS4 I traded in my PS3. There's no turning back. But seriously super excited for the Xbone as well

KillrateOmega1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Wow. Those are tryhard stats and as a fellow tryhard, I can totally appreciate them :)

I'll make a note for myself to add you once I get my PS4 come Christmas.

travelguy2k1765d ago

Little off topic but I haven't read this anywhere. I have a Bravia tv and hooked up through hdmi, I have turned on control through hdmi function on the ps4, my tv remote lets me navigate the UI on the ps4. Found out by accident but was wondering if this was a published feature or not.

DigitalRaptor1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

It's true. You can do it.

Of course our good non-biased friends at Polygon got caught lying about it:

They've been doing a lot of that downplaying stuff in that live stream.

ImG2theB1765d ago

Not lying, only a little. It only works with Sony TVs so it isn't a feature available to everyone.

JimmyLmao1765d ago


no it works on most TV's.

it works on my Samsung TV.

purp13m0nk3y1765d ago

Its also been a feature for the entire life of the PS3.

I have a SONY TV and SONY amp. If I push the power button on the PS3 or the PS button on the controler it automatically turns on both the TV and the amp and even switches both to the right channel.

Hope the PS4 retains this feature?

Sm00thNinja1765d ago

Man I can't even say I'm excited about Xbone without a down vote! Crazy....

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