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MMGN: Some say, Forza Motorsport 5 is the standout Xbox One launch game. All I know is it’s the best demonstration of what Microsoft’s new console is capable of across the board. With stunning visuals, complete trigger rumble and a redesigned AI system that makes bots redundant, in the words of events host Jeremy Clarkson, Forza 5 will make you cramp in your smile muscles.

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JokesOnYou1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

....and another ONE. Daamm Forza 5 is looking gooooooood.

first1NFANTRY1766d ago

shame it's gonna sell just as bad as the rest lol. GT 10+ million each launch says hi chump.

lastofgen1766d ago

you're one of the main reasons making it harder for everyone to get along..

GodGinrai1766d ago


Do you feel that way when comparing halo sales VS killzone? or how about Gears Vs uncharted sales?

How about we just let this be about games. That way when these kinds of arguments go against you, you dont have to back pedal.

drsfinest721766d ago

lmfaoo The realness just schooled you first!NFANTRY you damn chump

GuyThatPlaysGames1766d ago

@firstinfantry . Stop being such a troll. Nobody likes a troll. I've always liked the Forza series much better than the GT series. I've already got my PS4 and it sucks that imma miss Forza 5 because I will not be buying the XB1. I know for sure I'm not getting another GT game. After playing something so great as Forza, it's hard to go back to the Gt series.

first1NFANTRY1766d ago

lol just poking a little fun in this fanboy war. lighten up you bunch of sensitive divas.

givemeshelter1766d ago

So sales determine how great a game is? Good god... What are you. Five?

JasonKCK1766d ago

I never understood why people even talk about sales. Can't play sales, it's not a game.

kewlkat0071766d ago

You guys just straight shame on this site

VENOMACR12271766d ago

Enjoy GT6 on the PS4.....oh wait, that's right. Only available on last generation :-(

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

For once Jokesonyou didnt cry as he typed a big wall of text , things like this are probably a big thing in this guys life..this 9/10 makes his day, to him its probably like a normal person getting promoted or having their first child... bless him poor guy.

@below Just in oxm gave it a 9 too

Official xbox magazine gave a 9 0.0 wow i need to sit down.

testerg351766d ago

Aren't you the one that complained about xbox fans being 12yr olds? You must be 11 then?

christocolus1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

" Forza 5 is the first game to truly look next-gen.
The ancient streets of Prague, the Bernese Alps and the famous Le Mans light up the screen with stunning realism, but doesn’t quite carry over to Australia’s Bathurst at Mount Panorama, which clearly didn’t have the same attention to detail. Still, it’s better than anything found in competing racing sims and Super Cheap Auto will be happy with the blaring promotion. The only complaint is the early morning sun in some tracks goes overboard with lens-flair — it’s enough to get a standing ovation from JJ Abrams."

Just in oxm gave it a 9 too

avengers19781766d ago

I would throw out any "official Xbox magazine" oxm review, just like I wouldn't listen to any playstation magazine review of a playstation game.
That being said from all the reviews I've seen it seems to average an 8/10

lastofgen1766d ago

and yet they also awarded dead rising 3 a 7.5, lower than the metacritic score.

Whether you want to believe it or not, some of these websites that name themselves after their console of choice are not biased when they review the games. Same goes for websites that name themselves after playstation.

Clarence1766d ago

Xbox magazine gave it a 9! What a surprise.

christocolus1766d ago

You could find out all the sites that awarded it a 9 by going to will also see some perfect scores there.

VENOMACR12271766d ago

Funny how all the PS haters comment on the one 7/10 but have nothing to say to the 8, 9, and 10s. Glad this game is killing it.

christocolus1766d ago

Lmao....was just thinking the same thing.

rela82me1766d ago

Only 8 out of the 31 reviews on metacritic are below an 80... This game is being received VERY well... I hope that Ryse can follow suit, but I will wait and see.

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XboxFun1766d ago

Nice, good score. Not a racing fan but I'm glad this is getting some love. DR3 is too and that will be the go to game for me this launch day.

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