Review: Super Mario 3D World (Pure Nintendo)

Pure Nintendo: "Super Mario 3D World is the newest entry in the long running Mario franchise and the first 3D Mario game to grace the Wii U. Nintendo has stuffed 3D World full of features from past games and more to push the series to its limits. In return, Super Mario 3D World feels like one of the most solid Mario games in recent history. With many recognizable bits and pieces mixed with a ton of new surprises to discover, 3D World is a blast to play all around."

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R00bot894d ago

Another brilliant review for a brilliant game.
Good job Nintendo.
Can't wait to get it at launch! :)

scott182894d ago

Kinda makes me want a wiiu, love these games.

3-4-5893d ago

I still haven't played galaxy 1 o2 yet either so thinking pf getting those + sm3dw for my first wii u games.