Destiny development costs discussed by Activision

Activision's Eric Hirshberg has made some comments in regards to the development costs behind Destiny.

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lastofgen1612d ago

I'm not too interested in Destiny, but I'm sure they'll recoup their costs more or less, depending on how the beta goes.

kevnb1612d ago

I feel like this will turn into a story of how bungie was ruined by activision

fenome1612d ago

Yeah, I know what you mean. I hope not though, these big publishers don't seem to understand that if they actually let these teams create what they really want to and spend the time they need that it'll pay off so much more than just rushing it out the door and killing it off if it doesn't ship so-and-so units straight out the door..

This is one of the reason game delays don't bother me. I'd rather wait a while for the game that was meant to be than get something that was rushed out the door because of an unrealistic deadline.

You can't rush creativity and optimization. There are boundaries, I know this, but most of the times these big companies can set unrealistic goals and then act like it's everyone's fault but their own that it wasn't "profitable enough"

fenome1612d ago

I'm really hopeful about this game, I love what I've seen as far as customization and exploration. The "shared world" thing is something that I'll try out, because it's a part of their vision. I'm not a fan of people in general and this isn't something that necessarily appeals to me, but I'm not against it either as long as I have an option or areas for it. I'm really hoping this turns into what I want it to be.

ZBlacktt1612d ago

I came in looking for hard numbers, lol. But yes, I will be pre ordering this game! Looks fantastic.

kevnb1612d ago

What about it looks good? All they showed was a poor version of borderlands with halo art.

ZBlacktt1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

For me, I love open world and yes I to thought of Borderlands right off the bat. Only this not the cartoonish graphics. So in other words, this is borderlands in Next Gen graphics and updates.

fenome1612d ago

Way more customization that borderlands dude. 5 set armor pieces, guns have skill trees and you can add accessories to them as well (Stocks, scopes, barrels, clips).

You can do melee combos, but they just started getting into that, can't wait to find out more. All they've shown is the hunter doing combos with her knife so far, still waiting to see what the other classes melee weapons are.

Have you been following this game at all, or are you just going on the couple of trailers they've shown?

MestreRothN4G1612d ago

You clearly arent up to date with 'all they showed up'.