First look at Forza 5's replays and direct audio: hear those engines purr

VVV: "Not only do we get a first look at Forza 5's improved replays allowing us to basque in Prague's picturesque beauty, but it's also the first time we've been able to hear the engine sounds in their purity - and my do these cars purr. In fact, I'd go as far to say that Forza 5's sound effects have been undersold by Turn10, instead relying on its pretty graphics and immaculate car models to swoon us. This really is the most authentic car audio we've heard yet in a console racing game, blowing GT6's lackluster engine notes out of the water."

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JCOLE131951701d ago

Absolutely beautiful. Turn 10 really nailed it of the sound and visuals.

HeroReborn1701d ago

Part of why I enjoy Turn 10 games

1.) consistency- both in how the catalog of Forza looks, and not waiting 5+ years to release

2.) approachable from any level- from novice to expert drivers anybody can pick this game up and have fun

Naga1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Looks great. I'm not sure we've seen much - if any - replay footage. It's mostly just been in-race gameplay thus far, so this is really nice to see.

dale11700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

have they changed the back ground visuals,i swear they were more 3d looking last time i looked,the detail looks more blured

dumahim1700d ago

The crowd is now mostly 2D cutouts like past games. I think when they showed the game earlier in the year the crowd was all 3D.

morphx3me1700d ago

Yeah they were 3d before when running on high end pc

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