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Digitally Downloaded writes: "Until I played Contrast I wasn't interested in it. That changed about three minutes after I started playing. This is a deeply intelligent game, and yet another example of a wonderfully emerging class of games that maintain artistic credibility while also offering genuine production values. Rain, Shelter, Papo & Yo and now Contrast; it has been a good year for serious gamers indeed."

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thorstein1555d ago

I like this game (especially the PS+ Price) but there are some minor glitches where she gets stuck and you have to restart the level. I also wish the controls were a bit tighter. But all in all this is a good game.

Eddie201011555d ago

I agree, It's a little clunky, but still very enjoyable.

Relientk771555d ago

This game is awesome, I love it

isa_scout1555d ago

If it wasn't for all the bugs and glitches. I literally had to restart the pirate ride level over 4-5 times because I kept falling through the map. As it is I'd give it a 4/10 and if it's patched a 6/10.
Lets face it though, even if it ran smoothly it's still nothing amazing. Resogun on the other hand.WOW, that game is addictive!!!

MattS1555d ago

Not that Resogun is a bad game - it's shedloads of fun - but you clearly didn't go into Contrast with the right frame of mind. Nor did you understand what it's about.

It's an art game. Deal with it as such and don't focus on superficial stuff like minor bugs.

isa_scout1554d ago

I actually did go into it with an open mind, but the issues weren't minor for me. They happened every few minutes, and for a game that is barely 2 hours it was just too much for me.I love art indie games like Journey,Flower, and Linger In Shadows, but this game was nowhere near ready for release.
I did understand what it was about, and I actually liked the story, but for me the game as a whole is the sum of it's parts and most of the game was a buggy mess.
90% of the time you go into shadow form you judder around, especially when you have to carry something like those dang cannon balls in the pirate ship level.I understand that maybe the issues I had are not issues that you had as well, and I respect your opinion I am just of a differing one. Nothing wrong with that, and no need to be nasty to eachother.
Saying I didn't understand the game or that I didn't play it with the right frame of mind is kind of insulting seeing as indie games are one of my most favorite genres.

HardcoreDaBoss1555d ago

its sad when indies make better games then everyone else... I think its because they care about gamers and try to make it to the big time... others seem to make crap and advertise like crazy for money.. Im not stupid though and see this... Its reallly sad.. indies are the future of games.. 3rd parties are money money money...