“Francis” Gives Final Verdict on PS4 vs Xbox One, PS4 Wins for Gaming but “There’s No Wrong Choice”

YouTuber Boogie2988 that plays the part of popular character “Francis” got an early taste with both the PS4 and the Xbox One, and after spending some time with Microsoft’s own Major Nelson, he posted his final verdict on both machines.

This video can take some by surprise, especially if they're used to Boogie's "Francis" persona, but it's actually very well balanced and worth watching.

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xHeavYx1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Great video, he pretty much summarizes it the way it is. Want an ultimate gaming console? Get the PS4, want an entertainment console who also plays games? get the Xbox.
As a gamer, I will choose the console that is made for gaming, the most powerful one. I don't need extra features that can be done with items I already in my house. I want amazing first party games, great and original Indie games, I want a company who made a decision and didn't have to change its mind midway.
That's only my opinion though, I'm glad Boogie shares many of my points though

Abriael1764d ago

this video is gonna surprise a lot of people that re used to "francis" :D

Kayant1764d ago

Ikr loool ;)

But really it was a well done analysis considering the love he has gotten from Sony & MS I expected some bias but this was stone cold pure truthfulness. I very much agree with him.

darthv721764d ago

As someone who can appreciate the gaming / entertainment medium as a whole, i really am looking forward to getting both.

both will offer similar experiences and both will offer something you cant get anywhere else. i have been such a fan of the industry that i cannot limit myself to just 1.

Like boogie says, "im a pokemon player. i gotta have em all."

Eddie201011764d ago

Everyone should watch his PS4 unboxing video, the second one.

Boogie, your a Rocks Star.

I googled it to make sure.

UltimateMaster1764d ago

So, if you buy a gaming console for gaming, then buy a PS4.
If you buy a gaming console for entertainment media and other non-gaming related stuff?
Then buy, a Roku 3.0.

rainslacker1764d ago

I always found his real life personality very well balanced. It's obvious he loves gaming and he can see through a lot of the crap and fan boy nonsense. I watch both, but think francis is hilarious.

MorePowerOfGreen1763d ago

So in other words, PS4 is for gaming because it can't do much, other than gaming in comparison to the XB1. XB1 is for multi media because it can do much more than gaming and do it well.

OK, Got it ;)

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rela82me1764d ago

The way I see it, and it is my personal take on things, is that if your going to get both consoles EVENTUALLY that the Xbox One is the one to get first.

If you are already getting both, why not get the one that has the (arguably)the more desirable launch line up first? Since I am getting both, I see the perfect time to get the PS4 is when InFamous comes out and they have a bundle/ limited edition. The Ps4 offers better visuals in some cases, but it is most important to have the exclusives that MS offers at launch than Sony. However as Boogie mentioned you can't make a mistake getting either console at this point.

xHeavYx1764d ago

Keyword "arguably", I'm not a big fan of fighting or racing games and Ryse (for me) doesn't look interesting, so your point is invalid for me

Omegasyde1764d ago

What about getting the cheaper console first, then waiting on the more expensive one to drop in price.

That's the smart choice...

Enemy1764d ago

That's your take. My take is wait until you see what's coming at the VGAs, which I'm sure you will. Nothing but exclusives.

With InFamous: Second Son coming in March, and DriveClub probably coming before that, it already makes sense to buy a PS4, as proven by launch sales. People saw what happened this gen when they decided to skip PS3 for Xbox 360. Biggest mistake of their lives. PS4 is now the fastest selling home console of all time.

50% more powerful, $100 less, and all of Sony's 1st party support waiting to announce their new stuff.

FITgamer1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

It would actually make sense to buy the cheaper console first and wait for the more expensive one to get a price drop.

Edit: Didn't see Omega's comment.

Baka-akaB1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

If you prefer the xbox one exclusive available then by all mean get the xbox first . I dont so far (i've always hated Dead rising on any platform , dont care for KI and Ryse , and Forza is nice but got my current and upcoming racing fix elsewhere) , and i'm content with the 4 launch games i got , basically KZ and multiplatform stuff .

It's not like i intend to buy 4+ games every month for the rest of the year since i'm still planning to use my ps3 .

I got the ps4 now , because of already available superior versions of AC4 , NBA2k and Fifa , and because i didnt picture myself dropping , between feb-march the cost of a ps4 console PLUS :

- KZ ,fifa ,nba2k14 ,Infamous , driveclub , Yakuza Ishin , Dynasty Warrior , FF14 . I'd say Guilty gear Xrd too , but there is no date yet

- tons of ps3 games like Lord of shadows , FFXIII-3 , blazblue chrono phantasma , Dark souls 2 , Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD , The Witch and the Hundred Knights , Tales of Symphonia Chronicles already on ps3

- a few vita stuff like Ogre Eater , Freedom Wars , anything Legend of Heroes , and the next soul sacrifice .

Even that way i'm ending up hemorrageing time and money

Enemy1764d ago

^ Superior multiplatform versions of the biggest multiplatform AAA are another reason to pick up PS4 before Xbox One.

So what are you getting for $100 less on PS4?

- Vastly superior 1st party support as proven by this gen and every other gen
- 50% power advantage
- Endless indie games to keep you waiting while you wait for that next GOTY to drop
- Superior multiplatform games running at higher resolutions

And it goes on. But hey, if you want to pay $500 for a GAMES console that tries to justify its price tag by begging you to watch more TV and talk to it while putting yourself on camera, then you could do that too.

Good thing we have options.

MasterCornholio1763d ago

In my case I want FTP games and AC4. And the PS4 has the most FTP games and the superior version of AC4 (both on a technical level and the extra content).

Nexus 7 2013

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I totally agree with you man, PlayStation4 is a gaming console, and that's all i need.

Pogmathoin1764d ago

That was a very well done video. I already got PS4, KZ to play, but really excited about tomorrow night and X1. I know PS4 has some power under its hood, but I get get excited about the other stuff X1 does. I am the kinda guy who likes gadgets... Spends hours scouring amazon and ebay looking for great deals... Bought Google TV box from logitech for lil to nothing brand new... Turned my TV into full smart TV.... To me X1 is a tressure box of great surprises. As someone who uses Skype a lot, this feature and snap really appeals to me. Again though, PS4 does have me in awe as well. It was nice to start reading the comments here, but see it starts degenerating again. Buy what appeals to you and enjoy, do not worry about what other people buy.... Apologies to all I have offended... Its this site, brings out the worst in you..... Except you Maria....

frostypants1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Oh man...PC fanboys are gonna rage right after the 12 minute mark. Can't say I disagree though...these consoles are becoming what PCs were supposed to become but never really did.

Side note: I really like this guy's vibe...he should be on TV. Dude knows how to speak on camera.

LiQuiZoN1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

This was a very excellent review. The first review which is completely honest and acceptable on all levels. Francis, I appreciate your honesty.

I'm a PS4 owner and I approve this message.

MasterCornholio1763d ago

Same here. I just want the best console food gaming and the PS4 has the Xbox One beat when it comes to raw power.

Nexus 7 2013

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Revolt131764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Woah...hes relaxed for once

DigitalRaptor1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

This is how he acts normally. I hope you realise Francis is a character he plays for comedy and youtube fame. He's the most down to earth and grounded gamer I've seen on youtube.

Deividas1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Thats him actually in real life. "Francis" is just a character he plays for youtube. Hes got a ton of them but Francis is his most famous one.

Beat me to it :D

danny8181764d ago

man! ima end up buying both consoles. just not now lol im leaning more towards the x1 tho nowadays

gusgusjr1764d ago

I guess people don't believe you. lol I will love both equally. Doesn't matter which library will be bigger, I will always have something interesting to play. Also have a wii u, so I'm set. Will build a pc next year to handle multiplats.

first1NFANTRY1764d ago

spot on review. the ps4 is the most powerful console in history. if you want next gen console gaming then the ps4 is your obvious choice.

DigitalRaptor1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

This is the fairest and most objective comparison you're going to see, from an all round and unbiased gamer. All I can say is Boogie2988 is spearheading a new movement of objectivity in this industry, and I hope he goes far as we've seen enough lowballing, downplaying and 'journalists' acting out of fear for the benefits of their jobs.

Here's the summary:

Ps4: For gamers, by gamers. The ultimate game console and gaming system. its awesome. Whether its AAA titles like Second Son or Indie games like Contrast and Rezogun, these guys have an amazing GAMING console.

Xbox: A wonderful entertainment console... that also plays games. Enhanced tv watching, enhanced music/video streaming, built in skype, snapping a web browser onto your screen while you wait to matchmake your online games. Just a great entertainment experience (but you sacrifice somewhat on the video quality for games)

It's gonna get HOT up in here.

Hicken1764d ago

See, I can get behind such a conclusion.

I want a gaming console primarily, so I'll have a PS4. It's nice if it can do other stuff, but that takes a backseat to how well it games.

If you're more interested in an entertainment device, then go for the XB1. It's gonna have a lot of different entertainment-related features, and if that's right up your alley, then the XB1 is the console for you.

But I hate, hate, HATE when folks act like the XB1 is a better gaming device. Cuz it just isn't. I don't argue that the PS4 is a better entertainment device; it has comparable features, but because it's not designed with that as a focus, it's not gonna be as good as a device that IS. But when it comes to GAMES?