What Do You Think of the PS4 so Far?

"With at least 1 million PS4′s in the wild already, and all but 1 PSLS staffer owning a PS4, we thought we’d ask everyone what they thought of the PS4 so far, before doing another similar Ask PSLS in the future, once the system is out in more countries." - PSLS

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Majin-vegeta1555d ago


*cracks fingers*And now we wait for all the games to start rolling in.

solidjun51555d ago

No. He said "wait for ALL the games to start rolling in." He's probably done or enjoying the games he has now. It's like that for every console. You get some good launch games, some decent launch games, and some not so good launch games. It's obvious that in the future, both the PS4 and Xbox One will get some awesome games on a CONSISTENT basis.

Hellsvacancy1555d ago

Does the PS4 have custom music? can you play KillZone or Battlefield 4 whilst listening to Slayer?

Regis1555d ago

Unless you have music unlimited for now otherwise sony may update to accept USB drive music and CD's

DragonKnight1555d ago

You can get music unlimited for free for 1 month with the PS4, so that's 1 month of custom soundtracks.

Personally speaking, I think custom soundtracks are a terrible idea. It deincentivises developers to make good music for games when people will just listen to whatever they have on their iPods.

Regis1555d ago

@DragonKnight If you want you can have mine I don't plan on using it.

InMyOpinion1555d ago

Kind of sucks. I would expect that to be a standard feature and free to use on these new consoles.

Battlefield and Mandatory suicide go hand in hand.

2paclives1555d ago

slayer? what is this, 1989? teh deth medal rulez!

Monolith1554d ago

It's thrash metal.
You wouldn't know, too busy judging others taste in music.
On a second note. Seeing megadeth Dec. 4. Can't wait.

2paclives1554d ago

okay..sorry. i like all music except country.

InMyOpinion1555d ago

I'm getting a PS4 when Greatness arrives. In a year or so.

2paclives1555d ago

greatness arrived last week. The system is awesome. I've moved on from last gen. Thank god.

InMyOpinion1554d ago

I'm getting a PS4 for sure but there aren't any launch games that interest me, and I've read that a lot of services don't work either.

At the moment I have a backlist of current gen games that are far more interesting than anything released for the PS4 or Xbone, so I feel no need to rush out and buy anything just yet.

abzdine1555d ago

Greatness awaits november 29th

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The story is too old to be commented.