Why the DualShock Sucked

The Mind of Game writes - "People often wonder whether others actually buy games based on controller preference and if it’s a big deal. Well to me, yes, it is a big deal. I definitely buy games on one platform over another purely for the controller feel.

If I’m playing a game, I want to be comfortable doing it and I do not find the DualShock 3 or any of its mildly different precursors to be comfortable. In my view, it was an ergonomic nightmare that is easily supplanted by just about every other first party controller offering since its début with the original PlayStation. It just sucks.

So, what’s wrong with the DualShock? Simple. The DuaShock is nothing more than an original PlayStation controller with two analog sticks slapped on the bottom, reworked L2 and R2 buttons (for the better) and a couple of built-in rumble motors. That’s it. That was my first clue that there wasn’t a lot of time put into this controller design.

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Agent Smith1702d ago

"It’s still flawed due to the symmetrical analog stick placement"

Because hands, as we all know, are not symmetrical.

DigitallyAfflicted1702d ago

Are you crazy???? we are symmetrical from top to bottom.

Back to topic. i did like sony controller from the start it might be a personal preference but who cares.

darthv721701d ago

Hands may be symmetrical but the way we play games is not. One hand controls directional movement. The other controls the action.

Depending on the type of game then you have both hands controlling the movement (character and viewpoint). the argument of which is better will continue on but quite simply the main reason for the dualshock design was sony had an already established dpad / face button layout that worked.

it was easy for them to remold the shape to incorporate the twin sticks more toward the center bottom of the existing design. it has worked pretty good so far.

now what works for one company isnt always going to be the same for another. If you are a gamer that has the experience with various controller layouts then you can appreciate the styles each company has made. From the 2600 on up to current.

mattdillahunty1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

the fact that we are mostly symmetrical doesn't automatically make the Dualshock's stick placement correct. just stand up and let your hands dangle at your sides. the natural state of our thumbs is to run almost parallel to our fingers. meaning the left stick on the Xbox controller is actually a lot more natural in regards to how our thumbs rest than the Dualshock's sticks are. unless you walk around with your thumbs pointing out from your hands, which i doubt.

of course, since the sticks aren't symmetrical on the Xbox controller, people want to use the lame excuse of "our hands are symmetrical!" to make it seem like the Xbox controller got it wrong. no, the Xbox controller got it right with the left stick and wrong with the right stick. but since our right thumb can rest on the face buttons, which we tend to press a lot, it still ends up working out well. the Dualshock gets it wrong with both sticks by making it symmetrically unnatural to how our thumbs rest (but again, since we use the face buttons a lot it's not as big of a deal with the right stick).

the Dualshock is by no means a bad controller, and the DS4 looks to be the best iteration yet, but i will always prefer the more natural layout of the Xbox controller's left stick placement.

curtis921701d ago

Think he was being sarcastic.

Sly-Lupin1701d ago

Actually, humans are asymmetrical. Externally AND internally.

Look at yourself in the mirror sometime. One eye will be slightly higher or larger than the other; one ear will be shaped differently from the other; one tooth will be too big, the other too small. Etc., etc.

The simple fact is that the asymmetrical 360 controller arrangement is designed to be the most comfortable possible ergonomic design for a specific category of games. Specifically, shooting games.

It is, therefore, not as well suited for EVERY OTHER type of console game as the Dualshock design. There's a reason why the Dualshock is the basis for EVERY modern gamepad design. Both Microsoft and Nintendo emulate Sony's design with their controllers, and there's a reason for that.

Sony perfected the gamepad a long time ago, and every new model post-DS has just been incrementally improving on the basic design.

scott1821701d ago

Is sarcasm really that hard to sense?

scott1821700d ago

For me the dualshock feels much more comfortable to use.

Aggesan1700d ago

According to research regarding beauty made world wide, all over the planet the more a symmetrical a person was the better looking they were considered.

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The_Game21x1701d ago

Asymmetrical analog stick placement places the two most important inputs for 3D games (the analog stick and face buttons) directly under your thumbs. Symmetrical placement gets only one of those right (the face buttons).

Which was the point...

kneon1700d ago

The two most important controls for shooters are the analog sticks, and your thumb has less range of motion when the stick is placed in the upper position. So for shooters the best placement is to have the analog sticks both at the bottom position.

Snookies121700d ago

Directly under your thumbs? For asymmetrical? How do you figure? Does one of your thumbs go up and the other to the side? That just doesn't make sense to me, I'd rather have both of my thumbs in the same relative location if both of my hands are holding onto one object.

Baka-akaB1701d ago

Well by all means let me be an asymetrical weirdo then . They fixed the grip , size , shape and analogs sticks that everyone complained about .

If you want symerical sticks , get another console or a 3rd party pad already

Rageanitus1701d ago

Although I like the Dualshocks, we tend not to play symetrical.

One of the best contorllers IMO was the gamecube, and the analog sticks were not in the same location and the they were NOT the same. Even the key buttons were NOT the same size.

Eddie201011700d ago

Before Microsoft was around it was considered the best controller design.

ambientFLIER1700d ago

Well, yeah, naturally. Until something better came along.

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ErryK1701d ago

What a ridiculous article.

Transporter471701d ago

Honestly it was a great controller for a while until the 360 pad came and it did a lot of things right minus the horrible dpad. Now the DS4 is jsut amazing and better then the Xbone pad or as good. Good time to be a gamer!!!

_FantasmA_1700d ago

Really? Hard and heavy plastic? RB and LB? Terrible indented thumbsticks? Why would the left thumbstick be the farthest away from its natural resting spot. Why should I have to stretch my thumb to reach up there. The sticks should be at the bottom, its only natural. DS3 was amazing. I actually still prefer it to the DS4.

Transporter471700d ago

DS3 is a good controller, the problem I play a lot of Fifa my thumbs would slip off at times, the R2 L2 would slip as well but those didn't matter too much to me. DS4 is superb. Not a single slip so far which I am in love with.

BTW offset or not it doesn't matter as long as the controller works like it should. To me I don't care where they are as long as they work right and are comfortable.

neoMAXMLC1701d ago

You lose all credibility when you complain about the symmetrical stick placement.

dcj05241700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

My left thumb just feels weird when I have to put it higher. Idk mauye its just me. I just have better movement range when it's lower. Probably because I just use Dualshock more. I just HATE how sony made the sticks so loose. The PS2 sticks were better.

Dante811701d ago

I still like the DS3, it wasn't that comfy but damn was it versatile.

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