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"This is the sort of shooter that the Playstation 4 needs, with games like Battlefield 4 on the console having problems and Ghosts being the weakest Call of Duty in recent memory. An amazing multiplayer shooter that hooks the player with finely tuned fighting and superbly balanced maps and classes, but it comes at the cost of having a dreadful single player campaign tacked onto it. Keep Killzone: Shadow Fall in mind if you’re looking for a multiplayer shooter that shows off what the system can actually do. If you’re one of those that are lacking the subscription to Playstation Plus, needed to access the multiplayer, then you will likely leave the game disappointed at a poor single player experience and you can do much, much better in the launch lineup than this."

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_FantasmA_1701d ago

Stupid review. You can't say its bad game because you need Plus. That means 100% of Xbox 360 games should have been reviewed as bad because they all required Live. And how do BF3 and 4 and all 8 of the last CODs get a pass for having barely any changes and dull campaigns? I think KZ is too hardcore for people and not being able to use killstreaks and unrealistic quick shooting turns people away from this game. Like if you can't own people like in COD, Killzone must be bad right?

hazardman1701d ago

Nice one, Killzone isnt for everyone. Its a true hardcore gamer title!