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TB - "Knack looks, nice…I suppose. I always frown and grimace at “next-gen” games that pack color palettes of grey and brown, and I applaud new efforts for bringing color and vibrancy to gaming."

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Evil_Abed1766d ago

Here's my problem, reviewers give TLoU amazing reviews and everybody agrees with them. Same reviewers give Knack mediocre ratings and they are unprofessional, talentless noobs with a vendetta against Sony...what gives N4G?

If reviewers don't know what they are doing or talking about, shall we then discount the game of the year awards given to MGS 4, UC2, LBP, Journey, ect?

These very same fps crazed cod noobs are giving Tearaway fantastic reviews despite it not being a shooter!
Maybe, just maybe, Knack is a did and the PS4 cannot make an abominable game into a great game simply because it is exclusive...?

iamnsuperman1766d ago

Actually I think it really has something to do with reviewers have never been able to review for a completely different demographic (children/adult playing with their child). It is a hard skill but an important one

The games you listened are for a totally different age band (except for LBP). I am not going to get this game (I don't have a child) but if a parent was getting a PS4 for Christmas I would recommend this game. I don't child friendly games have to appeal to adults as long as they do their primary job (appeal to children). Maybe some reviewers should think less of themselves and more about who this game is for (so objectively) because this review doesn't do that

_QQ_1766d ago

Yeah forget the fact that 3D Mario games,tearaway,Little Big Planet franchise get amazing scores.

Fireseed1766d ago

Here's the thing, a good game can bridge the gap. A good game doesn't need to be labeled for only kids. Take Super Mario 3D World; excellent kids games, amazing adult game, overall just an amazing game. I've seen some people enjoy it, and I legitimately believe they did. But at the end of the day the reviewer only has to review the game for themselves and share their opinion. To ask a reviewer to review a game for a different demographic is asking them to guess at best.

creatchee1766d ago


"Actually I think it really has something to do with reviewers have never been able to review for a completely different demographic (children/adult playing with their child)."

Come on, man. So you're saying that Barbie games and Mary Kate & Ashley games should be reviewed as kids games and scored higher because of their appeal to a different audience?

Face it - Knack is an average to below average game. Same as any other game that averages a 6/10 or thereabouts. Some people will like it, many will find it to be meh, and others will hate it. It's just the way it is.

Eddie201011766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Knack is no where near deserving the extremely low scores its getting. It's not a triple a title but it is a decent game. In my opinion it's an 7 or 8 out of 10. leaning more towards an 8.

It's an old school platformer with near Pixar Type graphics that look much better than what you see in videos. It's difficult but not frustrating and the story is OK but not great. Most platformers don't have a great story anyway besides who play those types of games for the story. Nintendo's games have very simple story's, there still great games.

What the heck is Tschnobuffallo, all these weird blogs coming out of nowhere.

I'm enjoying knack very much. Don't Knack til you've tried it.

ReLLiK1765d ago

Thank you for actually having the exact thoughts about this game as I do. I don't understand all the hate. On hard difficulty, this game is a great challenge and a lot of fun.

mi_titan271766d ago

If you actually sit down and play the game on the hard difficulty, you will find, its not all about repetition and its actually quite fun.

Moncole1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Why do you find it fun? What are the good and bad parts of the game?

mi_titan271765d ago

Basically just like ReLLiK said. Lack of story, but the gameplay, when played on harder difficulties is quite challenging. At times its actually frustrating that you can't get passed a certain area. If you have a PS4 and are interested in this game, several people have live streams and talk about the experiences. Feel free to join in and watch them play.

ReLLiK1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

The fighting/combat in the game is actually fun and feels right. The story is a little weird and so is Knacks crazy low voice, but I've had just as much fun with the game as any Mario game I would pay. I feel like these reviewers played the game on easy for 15 minutes and based their review off of that. On hard difficulty, this game is a great challenge.

LeoDDestroyer1766d ago

What game isn't repetitive.

mcloving1766d ago

This game is hard but looks amazing am on the last chapter

hulk_bash19871766d ago

I understand the criticisms of the game but some of these reviews just seem like a witch hunt. Sure it could use some variety but at the end of the day it's a fun game with some challenging combat, charming visuals and pretty simple mechanics. To each their own though I'm more than half way through the game and I am enjoying myself so far.

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