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How is Flower more than 4.5 years old? February 2009 seems like 10 minutes ago, but somehow the time has zipped on by as one game leads to another and, finally, a new set of gaming consoles sees their release. It’s been a far longer time than seems possible, but somehow Flower is still as lovely as its ever been.

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Lowsnamebrand1769d ago

I just showed this game to my cousin yesterday, I don't believe I saw him blink for at least 5 minutes lol

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1769d ago

Best rated next gen game i think :P

JW10801769d ago

I played Flower when it first came out. And I played it on my PS4 two days ago. Love it. Great game and one of the best uses of sixaxis controls. 20 years from know I will still remember this game. It's just one of those special kind of gaming experiences. Same goes for Journey and The Unfinished Swan.

yezz1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Definitely! I replayed Journey few days ago and companioned with this white character that had super long scarf and right before the end he/she drew a heart to the snow.. No words and just the soundtrack= Amazing!

Too bad Journey was Thatgamecompanys last game with Sony but I hope they'll do a new contract with them.. All their games(Flow,Flower,Journey) are great especially the visuals are soo good.

_QQ_1769d ago

I played and loved this game when it came out, my PS3 is broken so i'll probably buy it again when i get a PS4, yet some people who would never even go near this game call me a Sony hater LOL!

OrangePowerz1769d ago

If you log in with the same account you bought the PS3 version on you can just download it because it`s cross buy.

OrangePowerz1769d ago

Looking forward to replaying it on the PS4.

DigitalRaptor1769d ago

Great stuff, and at no extra cost.

Looking forward to downloading and giving it a whirl again.