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Whether creating open-world environments or putting together a series of real-world race tracks, the Forza Motorsport team is synonymous with stunning racing experiences that really push Microsoft's hardware to its limits.

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christocolus1698d ago

"The frame-rate never dips, textures are silky smooth and car models have been meticulously recreated to the extent that you can almost smell the leather interior and alpine air freshener.
It's the Drivatar racing AI that's perhaps Forza 5's most intriguing addition, replacing traditional computer intelligence with drivers that behave like the person behind the wheel.
It's perhaps the lighting effects that are most impressive, however. Whether racing under bright sunshine or a thick blanket of grey cloud, lighting retains its consistency regardless of the position of the car against the sun.

Sunshine looks so natural, in fact, that it almost seems unwise to stare directly at it, and you'll most certainly struggle to see the racing lines when you're driving into its glare"

So much for the so called pre-baked lighting that some fanboys kept squealing about...the game is also doing really good without day and night cycles.....

JokesOnYou1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

lol, previews were saying as much, but fanboys will scream "baked lighting" to knock the game yet most of the media who PLAYED FORZA5 all praised the lighting....but we know why because they need a reason to hate the only exclusive game launching at full 1080p @60fps, yeah downplay Forza5 anyway you can because Turn10 are masters with the hardware already hitting that spec, and then hype up 1080p for other games that were clearly rushed or that look like they could be done on ps2. Makes sense right. It's a similar theme for everything with the X1, so many false claims, but read back when I said so many times when the dust settles and this console launches all the BS misinformation will make them look silly because despite the PR the console and games will stand on its own above all the hate when folks get real life hands on.

Admittedly the console still isn't totally 100% there and the games are not all blowing up the charts but its clear based on the overflow of info that X1 is a freakin sweet console with tons of upside from micro and the games for the most part a good, some are great. I say good luck to the ps4, sell a f-king 100mil and good luck to X1 sell f-king 101mil this gen, lol...Good times for gamers.

christocolus1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

I kept saying the same thing...people just needed to be patient..where is cboat now and all those false prophets who claimed there were issues with the xbx one hardware and ui?

Belking1698d ago

"lol, previews were saying as much, but fanboys will scream "baked lighting" to knock the game yet most of the media who PLAYED FORZA5 all praised the lighting."

No they are just knocking the game because it's on xbox. They talked all the smack but xb1 game review scores are beating the ps4's. Their so called heavy hitters like KZ and knack have totally fizzled out, so they will try and knock xb1 games. Just wait until tomorrow and Friday. You will see.

JokesOnYou1698d ago

Well bro, Ima try not to rant about all the BS anymore. Lets just enjoy the good news and all the great gaming experiences coming on the 22nd.

Naga1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Pre-baked cakes are still delicious, so I don't see what all the complaining is about.

calis1698d ago

"games for the most part a good, some are great."

Yet none of them have higher scores than the PS4 ones (they're all relatively the same) soooo....why the hypocrisy?

creatchee1698d ago


"Yet none of them have higher scores than the PS4 ones (they're all relatively the same)"

You might want to look "relatively" up in a dictionary.

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Bigpappy1698d ago

I am sure everyone remembers. Just a few hours ago, the haters were saying M$ had an embargo in place because reviews were going to be so bad. Well we have seen Forza kill that dream.

Next up? Ryse: Son of Rome. This is the game that they want to fail really bad. If they could get this game to average a 6 their boners will push KZ right out of those PS4 Bluray drives.

Not too far from 'the moment of truth' now.

Naga1698d ago

I don't have high expectations for the Ryse reviews. I foresee some very sharp division on the depth and length of the gameplay. Some will be perfectly satisfied by it and give it rave reviews, while others will just trash it by calling it glorified tech demo.

I honestly expect Ryse to be the most polarizing Xbox One launch title by far.

calis1698d ago

Forza is on 82 after 31 reviews is this brilliant compared to anything else that has been released on PS4/XB1 so far?

christocolus1698d ago

"If they could get this game to average a 6 their boners will push KZ right out of those PS4 Bluray drives......."


urwifeminder1698d ago

Well done MS and Turn 10 keep that momentum rolling launches in 9 hrs here in Australia.

Braveheart_NZ1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

launches in 6 Hours here in New Zealand ;) Console and Forza5 LE, Ryse and DR3 on the way. Midnight launch parties going on over here tonight at specific retailers. Fun times. I wont get mine until the morning though. It's coming by courier.

GiantEnemyCrab1698d ago

Lucky!! I hope you have a good launch and much fun!

I'll be joining you in 27 hours!

GiantEnemyCrab1698d ago

Okay, I gave both of them some crap about the 2D spectators but I do respect the 1080p and 60fps. Great score!

See you guys on Live!!

ALICE6661698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Is there any real reason to upgrade to this from forza4? From every review I'm reading its pretty much half the game except with slightly better graphics.

Very disappointed that its half the cars, half the tracks... pretty much all my favorite tracks like Fujimi, Tsukuba, Suzuka and the Nurburgring are left out.

It is a very shady business practice if their going to add for DLC later... Gonna wait a few weeks to see whats the deal as there will probably be heaps of rage once the hype dies down when people realize what has happened here...

lastofgen1698d ago

impulse triggers and insanely competitive a.i. + driveatars are two additions I've seen get a ton of praise, so it's not just a visual bump.

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