Mass Effects 4 Might Not Be Called Mass Effect

It’s official folks, there will be another Mass Effect. To be honest that’s common knowledge for a while but BioWare community manager Chris Priestly has been chatting quite openly about the next instalment in the legendary series.

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MajorAly1763d ago

Will it be called 'Dat A55' Effect?

minimur121763d ago

Is it bad the first name I thought of was 'Savage Starlight'? lol

Tapioca Cold1763d ago

Probably wont be called Mass Effects either.

TekoIie1763d ago

Call it Mass effect: (inset name) trilogy or something like that.

OrangePowerz1763d ago

I doubt they will drop the name Mass Effect given the brand recognition the name comes with since that could lead to less sales because the average Joe doesn`t read gaming news and wouldn`t know that it would be a new Mass Effect game.

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The story is too old to be commented.