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The two factions of the next-gen console war have laid out their lines, Sony PlayStation 4 on one side, Microsoft Xbox One on the other. Only the lucky few, or very dedicated, will be able to afford both, continuing the gaming stand-off that's been running for over a decade.

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Fireseed1769d ago

How much is Sony paying you?

JokesOnYou1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

lol, so butthurt. They loved it, that's all.

-Here are some quotes from the Verdict:

"As it is, the Xbox One is a hugely impressive package on day one. The interface is well designed and it's easy to get around. he mixture of ways to interacting with the console - from controller, to voice to gesture - mean that you always have options. But it's not redefining everything: this is still Xbox.."

"There's a lot still to come for Xbox One, but as it is, we can't help marveling at Microsoft's ambitions. Xbox One changes your TV experience, it realises that vision of having one central conduit that delivers your entertainment, no matter what the source."

"There will be omissions, some might not like the necessity of adding another box to the TV loop, others will criticise its lack of native network media handling and others will slam the lack of day one apps. But this will be a long campaign and having lived with Xbox One, it feels like it's the evolution of the Xbox 360 and of TV that we wanted."

"Xbox isn't just a gamers' console: it's a gateway to a multitude of home entertainment, pulling all the strands into one interlinked experience. The future is here and we love it".

Belking1769d ago

They may be paying him but its not with

christocolus1769d ago

Was about to ask him the same beat me to eat..a hurt fanboy he must be

Nekroo911769d ago


They are fanboys of course they loved.

I saw IGN playing Ryse and the camera movement with kinect doesent work.

The voice recognition is also broken.

And even IGN xbox fans were complaining about the movement recognition controlling the UI.

So all the entertainment features are useless if the kinect doesent work.

And as a gaming console its weaker than the ps4 so it as many flaws

georgeenoob1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

"How much is MS paying you"

How many times are we going to hear that today? How about you just accept that people think Xbox One is amazing?

LonChaneyTV1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

"How much is M$ paying you?"

"How much is Sony paying you?"

If you think about it, both companies are doing it in games. neither one is innocent. that's how they keep you on their service.

VENOMACR12271769d ago

Sony fanboys are just little kids, I'm sure of it. Good review comes out and everyone cries about. If your not getting an x1, why care if it gets a perfect score or a terrible score? Just so you can brag on the internet? People are buying an X1 regardless so just accept that its not the piece of crap you thought it was.

Prime1571769d ago

Yeah, a perfect score means it's a perfect system... this isn't a PC so we know it's far from perfect.

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XB1_PS41769d ago

Isn't that getting old, capra?

Manic20141769d ago


Just for giving a good review, they are getting paid my MS?

scott1821769d ago

5/5 wow. I'm impressed. It is the greatest gaming system ever made folks. Get all your multi platform games on it, don't ask questions, it is the best.

one question. in your list of pros you say the x1 controller is improved, but in the ps4's pro list you don't mention how good the controller is now. Do you not like the ps4 controller, or just choose to leave it off the list?

BX811769d ago

I don't like it, next question.

scott1821769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

What don't you like about it? And why does it deserve a demerit in the review? And what about the X1 controller makes it better for the general public?

BX811769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Quick run down....
1. Ps4 controller looks sleek but I don't like the way it feels in the hand.
2. The Xbox controller is better.
Thanks for your time.

scott1821769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Seriously? It feels like a controller, like every other controller ever made. Not sure how that even answers my questions... The general public deserves better reviews. If you're used to playing on the xbox and used to the feel of that specific controller then I can see that, and it would need to be mentioned as personal opinion, not as fact... Thanks for your time.

BX811769d ago

Oh boy this has gone too far, I was jk and I don't care. No one should take any review to the heart, and no one should focus so much on a controller.

On a real tip. I do prefer the. Xbox controllers. I haven't held the ds4 but it does look sleek. I'll know for sure once uncharted hits.
Thanks for your time and the cat and mouse game.

scott1821769d ago

Your welcome for my time, it's been a joy, I have learned so much from your great knowledge of controllers and their sleekness.

BX811769d ago

Lol, I address only the sleekest of the sleek. It's a gift really.

Prime1571769d ago

I learned a lot too!! I learned that your opinion is based off of 50% of the information in the argument!

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TheFallenAngel1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

that's your opinion. We'll find out in a couple of years who really delivers with games and support. Sony delivered and so did Microsoft. Microsoft got stale with exclusives for the past 2 years. These reviews are crap right now. The consoles don't stay the same the whole lifetime. They improve with updates. Thats why I don't get these dumb reviews.

scott1821769d ago

I forgot to put /s

I was being sarcastic...

starchild1769d ago

Of course they don't stay the same. The reviews are judging the features and games as they stand now.

Gridloc1769d ago

How can something that has proven to not work correctly ( many videos online showing that Kinect commands need repeating several times ) deserve a perfect score? Disagree all you want but it's far from perfect at the time of this review. So just because it might be fixed in the future? If that's the case then everything ever made is perfect no matter what it is? So who are the real fanboys?

spicelicka1769d ago

First of all it's a summary of the top few pros and cons, not every little detail is compared to ps4.

Second of all read the damn name of the reviewers. It's 2 different people, they don't get together at night to make sure all pros and cons are perfectly in tune for both review just so people like you can feel better about themselves.

Lastly, who cares.

scott1821769d ago

Consistency is what I am looking for, and anyone trying to make a decision about how to spend their hard earned money deserves it.

Lastly, I care.

V0LT1769d ago

5/5 is not possible... Everything has flaws..

BX811769d ago

I agree, I don't think any game or system deserves a perfect score unless it's bug/glitch free and every console made works.

V0LT1769d ago

Exactly. This review even lists the negatives but still gives it a 5/5........

iamnsuperman1769d ago

I don't think I have ever seen a system worthy of full marks (especially at launch). In fact at launch I don't see any system that should be rated higher than a 7 (big expense for relatively very little gain. It is all the long term because no next gen game/feature is really worth spending 400 plus to play. This is from someone getting a system soon)

Maybe 2 years down the line but not now. Just one of things about consoles

starchild1769d ago

That's not how things are done. For example, the Last of Us has flaws but it is still an amazing game and got many 10/10s.

darksky1769d ago

yes it has a flaw...720p

dasbeer881769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Even Uncharted and The Last of Us have flaws which Sony fans love smooching on Xbox fan's faces?

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aviator1891769d ago

Just a day is left now.
This should be one of the best thanksgivings in recent memory.
Going home to my family, getting the xbox one, getting the zelda 3ds, and home-cooked food that I've missed eating for the longest time. :)

Livecustoms1769d ago

5/5, for a launch console ? something doesnt add up

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