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You are reading this PlayStation 4 review for probably one of three reasons. The first is that you want to know whether you should get the PS4, the second whether it's better than the Xbox One, and third is probably to help justify your pre-order and to allay any last minute fears that you've made the wrong decision.

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scott1821728d ago

One pro for me would be how well it plays multi platform games. I think if you're picking up a game console that would be something to consider and people may want to know...

AnteCash1728d ago

US sites giving ps4 lower reviews than x1, but they will fail, preorders worldwide have spoken.

kwyjibo1728d ago

US sites like the UK based Pocket Lint.

lastofgen1728d ago

I don't normally say this, but...
@AnteCash -> you got burned.

AnteCash1728d ago

UK and US in the same boat, only places where xbone leads in sales.

_FantasmA_1728d ago

UK and US are the only places Xbone leads in sales so this lower review score for the "enemy" makes sense.

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Deividas1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

I cant take this sites reviews seriously. The Xbox One has a lot more against in its review and can also add the no 3D Blu-ray playback and lackluster lineup (though subjective) to its list as well with all its other stuff and yet it gets a 5/5 on this site??? Not saying the PS4 deserves a perfect score cause it doesnt but thats just stupid.

curtis921728d ago

4/5 definitely. I loved my ps4, what a great experience! Ready for ps5 now.

^that statement is just as dumb as reviewing a console a week after launch.