Major Nelson: "The Community Helped Make Xbox One Better", Turns "Francis" into an Xbox One Believer

Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb flew directly to YouTube user’s boogie2988 home carrying an Xbox One to give the comedian that plays the part of popular character “Francis” an early taste of the console.

He also said that the community helped in improving the console.

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eternal19731155d ago

I'm sure a large payoff and a free console and games probably had more to do with it

rela82me1155d ago

Francis is actually well respected, and avidly against the X1 for months now. Free swag isn't enough to influence this guy. He also brought up a lot of tough questions and didn't go easy on him. Mad respect Boogie.

Pixelgate1155d ago

Francis is a character. Not a real person.

Irishguy951155d ago

Boogie is Pixelgate. In fact, im not even going to explain. Maybe you know already. If not then go and find out. Boogie is very well respected. Francis is just a funny little Skit he does. Boogie himself is an Epic person(in both personality and proportion)


He already put his PS4 vs Xbox One final decision video out... And had choosen a PS4.

Funny thing is how he actually acknowledge he was all cosy with not just MS and Sony but everyone in the industry he could met just to make contacts (he touchs on getting free stuff too), but he can't just play it lightly with companies and all... So he proceed to burn those bridges for the sake of integrity!

Boogie is an awesome guy. Gaming journalists should learn a thing or two there.

Anarki1154d ago

I remember laughing at Major Nelson when he swore to us that Microsoft couldn't reverse the DRM on XBOne then the next day they reversed the DRM policies.

Godmars2901154d ago

Still, hard to badmouth a product when its key spokesmen is sitting right next to you.

Nevermind that Nelson has proven that he'll say whatever is needed to sell the XB1 whether its true or not.

LonDonE1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

@major nelson liar snake like p.r guy
WOW what a load of b.s

Sony forced Microsoft to change the x1 policy plain and simple! the ps4 pre orders were destroying x1! why any one would believe that Microsoft changed it because they were listening to the gamers is STUPID! if they listened and cared about the gamers then they would have seen the months of shit and online melt down that was going on just from the unconfirmed rumours that x1 had all the drm,online check in etc

And even after them seeing people are not happy, they still tried to force it on us!
And because Sony didn't follow suit they were forced to do a 180! plain and simple!

Any xbox fan boy who is deluding himself into thinking it was because of the gamers out cry is just naive and stupid! do the math!

MS announces disgusting policies,people go crazy! PS4 announces existing model, Ps4 pre orders destroy x1, gamers go crazy, melt down ensues, Microsoft back peddles SIMPLE!

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Blaze9291155d ago

smh, because maybe the Xbox One can't be that amazing huh? Dropped your tin foil hat bro. He was also at the Sony event and recieved way more free swag.

This was a great video. Can't get more legit than this. Don't take that away because you're hating.

FlameBaitGod1154d ago

Maybe people wouldn't have tin foil hats if companies wouldn't have been caught receiving gift baskets from MS, companies lying about which version was better, companies caught switching videos, review sites caught lying. You should know this :), you have been here on N4G long enough to see all of this ^_^

-Foxtrot1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

So true swag can make a guy do anything in this industry

I mean would anyone say "No I don't believe you" after the guy did an interview for your Youtube channel. I don't think would probably end it on a light note and say "Gee Whiz Mr Nelson you've convinced me alright" while keeping your fingers crossed behind your back.

Nexus381155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

jeez this site is riddled with biased fanboys, if you have watched atleast 5 of boogies videos you can tell this guy is honest, ive watched him for a couple years and he is the most unbiased, honest youtubers out there obviously he's going to treat major nelson with respect would you start insulting him to his face? no you wouldnt, free stuff is alot and will influence most people to say good stuff, but not boogie i guarantee you free stuff, anything, will not influence this guy one way or another, stop being so afraid that the xbox one isnt as bad as all you people make it out to be, (oh and for all your curiosity i own a ps4 and prefer sony much more to microsoft but one thing i am not is unfair, or biased)

starchild1155d ago

We need more people like you. It's funny because I do most of my gaming on PC, and if anything, for consoles I prefer the PS4 and PS3, but the Sony fanboys on this site still seem to think I'm an Xbox fanboy simply because I try to be fair and to stand up for common sense.

mcstorm1154d ago

Well said. I have to give it to this guy for coming out and saying he was proved wrong by Microsoft. Yes the xbox one will not be perfect when it comes out but the PS4 was not perfect the same with the WiiU, 360 and ps3 before it.

This site has been way over the top for the last few months with PS fan boys but from what I have seen so far Microsoft have done a great job in delivering the console people wanted but also keeping some of the things they set out to do at the beginning with it.

No if you got a WiiU, PS4 or Xbox one we should all be able to stand up and say we bought the right console as they all have must own games and deliver what we want from them.

worldwidegaming1155d ago

Lets look at his comments for the next year.
If we see him doing a complete 180 then we know
for sure how much it was (sign on the dotted line then bend over! it says so in the contract... OK!)

Persistantthug1154d ago

Just out of curiosity,

How much money per month do you guys think he earns from youtube?

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kennyg37391155d ago

If Francis is a believer, I'm a believer

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