Valve Launches Home Streaming Beta for Steam Users

"Valve has launched the Home Streaming beta for Steam users to sign up for and participate in."

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ATiElite1729d ago

Streaming is pretty cool as I have been using other software to do it for a while. some suck and a few are cool but need a more concentrated effort.

I'm sure Valve will nail it on the head. hope I get an invite.

I stream from my GTX660ti SLI PC to my HTPC (GTX460 SLI) in the Living room connected to my HD 3D SONY Bravia while I game on the couch (who knew PC Gamers could do that)

My GTX460 sli HTPC can't do Arma III on Ultra so I stream that and every now and then you get a funny input lag but for the most part it really works well.

Hopefully Valve will include new features and better optimize it.

Rifkens1729d ago

Reading their announcement on the Steam InHome streaming group, there are two statements that stuck out for me.

1. Wireless sucks
2. Go Gigabit

I wouldn't consider using wireless for anything else other than my phone/tablet. Need to buy some cat6 and upgrade my router/switch :(