PS4 Launch Title 'Super Motherload' Coming to PS3

Hardcore Gamer: Unfortunately, we can no longer categorize Super Motherload as a PS4 exclusive as it was announced today that the game would be drilling its way onto PS3. The game will launch on November 26 in North America and a day later in Europe.

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admiralvic1732d ago

Hope this is a cross-buy!

fooltheman1731d ago

Yeah I think it will be.

It's a good tactic to try to make ps3 gamers buy a ps4, by increasing there gamelibrary at the beginning.

Retroman1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

not a chance will i buy ps4 long as ps3 is supported...if ps3 supported til 2020 that'll be the day i buy ps4 until then

5eriously1731d ago

"Unfortunately, we can no longer categorize Super Motherload as a PS4 exclusive"

Who cares, then it's an Sony exclusive!

Rockefellow1731d ago

It was ALWAYS announced as a PS3 game, in addition to PS4. Searching Google before writing an article could have helped you out here.

I can't wait for the "surprising" article you put out about it coming to Steam, too-- it was greenlit several months ago.