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PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One: The winner is …

GamesBeat's Dan Hsu: I only have two hands and can only play on one system at a time. So where am I going to spend my hours? And which console would I end up recommending to a friend? I decided to break the two down and compare them in a few categories that matter the most to me. (Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

badboy776  +   616d ago
The Person Who Bid closest to the actual retail Price of $400 without going over.
georgeenoob  +   616d ago | Well said
Depends. PS4 looks like it has a promising future, but X1 is promising straight out the box at launch. There's no messing around with X1 when it comes to exclusives.

X1 will continue to dominate in exclusives going into 2014 with plenty in that year alone and no gap in exclusive releases throughout its life-cycle. I can bet X1 will compete with PS2 as the console with the most AAA exclusives. By the way, did you see Titanfall?

Why would I go by last gen when I can go by this gen?
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AntsPai  +   616d ago | Well said
You're joking right?
Cerbus  +   616d ago
Since when has Xbone had better exclusives? It's always been PS with best exclusive hands down. Think you need to go back and look at last gen a little better.
Philoctetes  +   616d ago
And to think you only have one bubble.
Stevino123  +   616d ago
That stupid f-ing comment explains why you have one bubble and you're hated on this site. :-)
razrye  +   616d ago
Infamous second son says hello
Magicite  +   616d ago
by any chance - are u major nelson in disguise?
Nekroo91  +   616d ago
2014?! the year where infamous the order and possibly the new uncharted come out? ah and driveclub for free and planetside 2

and btw titanfall isnt an exclusive
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razrye  +   616d ago
Please shut up. You talk the most rubbish. I've seen your comments and I've always ignored them but come on. Sony has the best track record and you know it
razrye  +   616d ago
Please shut up. You are obviously clueless when it comes to games
MestreRothN4G  +   616d ago
Do you know the definition of denial?
KillrateOmega  +   616d ago
"Why would I go by last gen when I can go by this gen?"

Maybe because we're not even a month into this generation? Maybe because we have years of last gen experience to draw from when it comes to forming comparisons?

Just thoughts...
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razrye  +   616d ago
Also don't you people know that George can tell the future? No gaps in exclusives for the xbox. God he is truly a moron
DeadManIV  +   616d ago
Ps4 has lots of exclusives coming out in 2014
morganfell  +   616d ago
The surprising, or rather unsurprising bit concerning this article is the fact it was written by Dan Hsu, one of the most well documented PlayStation haters in history.

Within 4 months of the PS3s launch magazines like EGM and it's resident editor Dan Hsu were publishing pictures of the PS3 on the cover with a tomato slammed against it asking what went wrong. He even wrote in his column that he laughed when he showed Sony execs the picture of the cover. Remember that the PS3 actually outsold the 360 at launch yet no one was publishing a picture of the 360 with a tomato. And they didn't put the 360 on the cover with the RROD debacle at it's zenith.

No other game console ever had to cough up a billion dollars for a defect but Hsu let them slide.

That's Dan Hsu. Worthless regardless of the year, the generation, or the console he backs.

I put no more stock in what he says now than he said then. But the fact remains he has an established history of such actions and as such should be disregarded no matter his line.

X1 fans and PS4 fans need to straighten the hell up and go after the real issue affecting the industry - reporters, magazines, and websites that exist only to serve themselves.
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Sadie2100  +   616d ago
Morganfell: This "let it slide" from Dan Hsu? http://www.1up.com/features... (from EGM's 200th issue)
Sadie2100  +   616d ago
Also (for morganfell): Bottom line, the one definitive winner in this article was PS4? (with a "maybe" for Xbox One depending on whether Titanfall delivers)
reaperofsouls  +   616d ago
what ever lol
joefrost00  +   616d ago
Listen everything is subjective
Sony fans going to say ps4 and xbox fans are.going to say X1
But the clear winner in launch lineup exclusives is X1
That is a fact
Exclusives that will eventually come years from now is different but as of exclusives you playing thiis weekend X1
LonChaneyTV  +   616d ago
"Infamous second son says hello"

just not too long ago it was Killzone shadowfall....I wonder what happened?
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jmac53  +   616d ago
Sure the X1 will have some great exclusives for the first couple of years and just like the 360 gameplan, we will all be left twiddling our thumbs with no exclusives while MS focuses on Illumiroom instead of games.
Funantic1  +   616d ago
I agree
Platinum_k  +   616d ago
youre a noob, georgeenoob, so everything you say is pointless
KyoSiegfried86  +   616d ago
Why are xbox fanboys so focused in titanfall? don‘t they know it will be out on 360 and pc too? It‘s not even an exclusive. And it‘s a cross gen game.
Clarence  +   616d ago
What the hell are you smoking! The PS4 has plenty of exclusive down the pipe. The only console to compete with the PS2 was the PS3 and now it will be the PS4. Whoever voted your comment well said must be smoking to.

By the way did you see infamous SS

No QTE or hand holding in this game.
How about the order, Drive club, uncharted and many more. Sony fans know that Sony will keep the exclusives coming unlike M$.
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Ezz2013  +   616d ago
and this comment got "well said" bubble ?! 0_0
SouLosT  +   616d ago
If you're going to lump in titles like Titanfall as "exclusives" for the Xbone then It's only fair to throw in:

Warthunder, Warframe, Blacklight Retribution, DCUO, Outlast, Don't Starve, H-Hour, FFXIV, Contrast, Hotline Miami 2, The Binding of Issac, Diablo 3 (hasn't even been mentioned for the XBone,) Guns of Icarus Online, Transistor... I could keep going, there's at least 2 dozen more I haven't even mentioned, that could be considered PS4 "exclusives" by your logic.

All this and not a single mention of Sony's first party development studios who've yet to reveal the games they're working on...

You were saying?
S2Killinit  +   616d ago
Im sure georgeenoob is being sarcastic
dmeador  +   616d ago
Lol, Sony fanboys out in full force, with no logic to back them up. Cant say I'm not surprised. When we let the games speak for themselves, its still not enough. Right now the X1 has better games. No one that ins't a Sony fanboy will admit that. The cry that "well in the past x has happened" might be true, but for the present tense it isn't.

I'll be playing on the X1 come Friday, and you kids can waste time trying to figure out a way to warrant your bias. Dont care much either way. If you come up with a good reason for me to buy the PS4 before next holiday I'm all ears. I love games and have the cash, just dont see any reason to use it for Sony's console right now
brave27heart  +   616d ago
You guys really dont know internet ettiquette do you?

- dont feed the troll

- hit dislike and move on.

If you comment on his blatant trollisms then you're just giving him what he wants.
morganfell  +   616d ago

That is part of Hsu's erred reasoning is that a winner is decided over a single game. He has the thought process of a dullard. The value of a console and leading a generation is determined over the breadth of the gaming experience rather than the merits (or lack thereof) for a single title.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   616d ago
Well said George.
rulparra  +   616d ago
"I can bet X1 will compete with PS2 as the console with the most AAA exclusives."

jajajaja, you're joking right? you're really a big fanboy of xbone.

non console can compited in software with the PS2, not now, not ever.
DoubleM70  +   615d ago
Yes when you been saving up and buying studios since 2008. Your going to see alot more exclusive IP this time around. Micrsoft knew they were weak last generation with exclusive IP, so they are looking to turn that are this generation.
shoddy  +   616d ago
Winners are the gamers
BattleTorn  +   616d ago
Yup, buy both!
jrbeerman11  +   616d ago
Even if you dont buy both, all gamers are winners.
JohnnyTower  +   616d ago
MasterCard is the real winner here ;)
JohnnyTower  +   616d ago
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kenthegreat1  +   616d ago
The people waiting until next Black Friday.
dboyc310  +   616d ago
As a playstation loyalist I will admit Xbox does have a good line up when compared to ps4. However as a Playstation Loyalist I'm willing to bet that the people supporting Sony know who will get the short end of the stick when it comes to AAA quality exclusives. I like many others can wait for the quality games that SSM, ND, MM etc. Will bring to the next generation hardware. Even though Microsoft is building their own exclusives one can't simply assume they'll be of quality since they don't have nothing that was amazing under their belts. Microsoft big franchises weren't handle by first party studios so that says a lot. But yea the Future for great ps4 games is just around the corner with Infamous SS, Drive Club, The order etc.
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Sadie2100  +   616d ago
LOL...this is the comment of the day.
GT67  +   616d ago
@ badboy

contestant with 399 ding,ding,ding!!!!

you tell it BOB Barker or should i say DREW.

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badboy776  +   616d ago
B-radical  +   616d ago
None ask me in 7 years
WeAreLegion  +   616d ago
I will.

EDIT: Lol. I did. God, I hope I'm not still on N4G in seven years...
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B-radical  +   616d ago
Yay quick put it down on a calender :)
LOGICWINS  +   616d ago
You're on!

*Bookmarks page*
darkronin229  +   616d ago
The right one won.
GoodnessGreatness  +   615d ago
The garbage console won you say?
scott182  +   616d ago
For future I would have to give that to Sony as well. The hardware is just great and their first party studios are unmatched.
Corpser  +   616d ago
I don't want a winner, I want competition
MasterCornholio  +   616d ago
Well someone has to sell the most consoles.
Hicken  +   616d ago
In a competition, someone wins, and someone loses. If you want competition, then you want a winner.
dmeador  +   616d ago
Sounds like you are putting words in his mouth. Wanting competition mean he wants both to WANT to be first. In a marathon if someone knows they are 4 minutes ahead, not near as much incentive to push yourself as if you can feel the other guy breathing down your neck.
Hicken  +   616d ago
Now we get to the heart of the matter.

See, people have a misconception: competition makes things better. Well, that only works if the competition is worthy. If you line Usain Bolt up in a race against middle schoolers, they're still his competition; just not very good competition.

In other words: your competitors don't have to be as good as you for them to still be competition. And as long as you have competitors, it's a competition... just not necessarily one worth watching.

What people want is GOOD competition. That's what they speak of when they say it spurs innovation and all that. Cuz that's true: when your competitor is close to you in ability, then you push yourself to be better.

Even then, there MUST be a winner and a loser, often multiple losers, sometimes multiple winners. So if he wanted a competition but no winner, then he wants at least one loser, implying that he's throwing his hat in the ring for whoever DOESN'T win.

Well, whatever.
FlunkinMonkey  +   616d ago
These comparisons are the dumbest thing i've seen in 'journalism' for quite some time. Get a grip authors! Go and do some real journalism. Comparing winners over a healthy rivalry that will last for 10 years, within the first wk of their release, is just straight up stupid.

Video game journalism is a shabby piece of shite of a sham. Good luck to both consoles, i look forward to seeing what they both produce in years to come.
Kayant  +   616d ago
Gamers? No....
-Foxtrot  +   616d ago
Xbox One wins the future section...really

Sony Santa Monica, NaughtyDog, GG, Media Molecule to name a few...all with unannounced games. Then you have inFAMOUS SS, DriveClub, The Order 1886
Hicken  +   616d ago
Shh. XB1 is the future! Da Clowd!
MasterCornholio  +   616d ago

-Unboxes PS4-

I wish :(
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DeadMansHand  +   616d ago
You didn't get on at launch? I always see you here, sir, thought for sure you would have been an early adopter. That said, I would sell you mine for one billion dollars. (No checks)
MasterCornholio  +   616d ago
God dang you I have to wait until the 29th to get mine.

Why does N4G assume that the PS4 is out everywhere when it didn't come out in Europe yet.

There I feel much better now.

Nexus 7 2013
Bowzabub  +   616d ago
You're gonna love it Beavis. Hope the next week flies for you.
ZombieKiller  +   616d ago
I win. Because I'm a gamer. MS and Sony can keep competing. I keep getting free shit when they do (or losing shitty policies)

These next few years should be amazing. No, scratch that, WILL be amazing.
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TRD4L1fe  +   616d ago
amazing for gamers with both consoles. This entire console is just dumb. People act as if they invented the PS4 or XB1 themselves. So much high school drama in these articles it's sickening.

Owning both (if you're able to) will give you the best of both worlds and I'm looking forward to having both consoles hanging out under my TV
D-riders  +   616d ago
Future predictions are shit and don't make sense. Titan fall is another shooter, honestly there's just too many one the market. And I respect you controller opinion but I thought he gap between the first bumper and the Rob button was big and uncomfortable. Also the controller is small, I think the 360 controller is better. Good article but it's all opinion based. In my opinion Sony camera is better than kindest because it's limited, it doesn't distract from the games. Just playstation back to game. But that's up to the consumer I have no use for voice controls so limited is much better for me.kinect is cool to show off but being useful Sony hit home without being confusing. It's up to gamers I'd say but the big hit app is resogun
D-riders  +   616d ago
I don't think people remember that xbox and Xbox 360 started with tons of exclusives as well and then nothing. I think people are crazy to just start thinking ms will start making tons of exclusives or will be able to compete with 16 studios.
filipakos  +   616d ago
Who the fuck cares.If you like xbox you buy xbox one if you like ps you buy ps4 i dont think anything will change your opinion.
trancefreak  +   616d ago
Thank You! Well Said Bubbly!
kB0  +   616d ago
First we get what ifs, now we get what sort of ifs.

Can we please just wait for a couple of release cycles before we start to predict bs?

I think both companies will be fine. A lot of gamers that I've talked to are only afraid of the Xbox failing on them, other than that both companies are fair game.

I personally will get both, but the only thing I do not like about Xbox one is that most games are coming to PC....
jessupj  +   616d ago
The one that actually focuses on games?
mshh4  +   616d ago
Hhhhhh x1 win the future there are some crazy minds at this website give us a big ball of a bullshit and I also don't agree to compare between this 2 machine x1 should compared to wii u
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DealWithIt  +   616d ago
The winner is: Average gamer who gets to play awesome next-gen games!

Witcher3, Uncharted 4, TitanFall, Watch_Dogs, InFamous:SS, The Order - I am ready. Shut up and take my money.
Nartzee-Ninja  +   616d ago
Can't care less. Ps4 and Xbox One are both amazing machines. Give it a rest N4G.
Ma1nframe  +   616d ago
and the winner is PS4 in glorious 1080P / 60 FPS...x BONE can't do that, and probably never will LOL>
Kaiou  +   616d ago
The games.Don't really care about who made the box under my TV.
assdan  +   616d ago
The future. Titanfall... and that's it. Right now we know of at least uncharted, the order, drive club, and infamous. from software is also hinting dark souls two may come to ps4. The other thing is ps4 has so many more companies than Microsoft. This site is saying the exact opposite of what every other site has been saying lol.
tjg59  +   616d ago
Ps4 won for me that's what I bought
Max-Zorin  +   616d ago
Mufasa: Everything that touches the light is the gaming community.
Simba: What about that shadowy place?
Mufasa: That is N4G son, you must never go there.
S2Killinit  +   616d ago
well, as for me I think the last two generations had clearly demonstrated which console is been about games and which is been about games (at the onset of each generation) and then about casuals (or complete abandonment altogether). I would be stupid to fall 3 times for the same trick.
CramShaft  +   616d ago
Gamers are the real winners of this contest. XB1 owners or PS4 owners will have plenty of great times in this coming generation of consoles.
VENOMACR1227  +   616d ago
As long as you buy a console that makes you happy, that's what matters. I don't think an article like this is going to make X1 buyers switch to PS4 all of a sudden.
FANTA1180  +   616d ago
NEITHER !!!!!!

strigoi814  +   616d ago
if you are a hardcore gamer get a PS4 period... system is focused and made to play games..

if you like entertainment system that play games go with the XB1..yup it plays jaw dropping games too like RYSE...lolz i have to be sarcastic to sell the console sorry
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Mkai28  +   615d ago
Yeah, ryse is getting terrible reviews, it's a game meant for visuals.
lex-1020  +   616d ago
The winner is...Which ever one you enjoy playing more. Who cares what someone else says. Gamers play games, not consoles.
starscream420  +   616d ago
I understand people preferring a brand,but come on Sony fans be happy for Xbox one fans and vice versa......why. Because if Microsoft and Sony has to fight for your hard earned cash then they FORCE one another to be better. Think of it this way,if Sony sold its gaming division off and the big M bought it what would happen? Microsoft wouldnt have to try very hard to get your money....in other words they wouldn't be forced to be innovative-they could have went with DRM(what are you going to do go to Nintendo) the gamers voice would matter less because there would be nowhere else to go console wise. I have a Ps4 and so far the games are so so in my opinion. Sony games like the last of us and uncharted and god of war will be awesome I'm sure.....BUT Xbox one has the better launch games. Exclusive wise it's really to early to tell. Titanfall is big. Uncharted is big. What exclusives will be announced at 2014 e3? That's when we will REALLY see who has the best over all games. I hope it is a brutal fight the whole generation so you and I have the best games ever!

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