The Xbox One is a confusing mess of hardware and UI that sings once you learn the voice commands

PennyArcade - "The Xbox One has always been an ambitious platform. Microsoft wanted to create a truly digital platform, but inept messaging and instant player backlash urged them to drop that plan."

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Belking1698d ago

lol...Bogus. I knew these articles would be coming once word got out that that the competitions UI was broken on launch day. Its not gonna work though. xbox-one UI is better than anything else out there.

GarrusVakarian1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Belking not accepting others opinions and voicing his own as fact, yet again.

" the competitions UI was broken on launch day. "

What?...I don't even.......sigh.

JokesOnYou1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Belking, I'm not sure what you mean, he said:

"I’ve had a system in my home for a pretty good amount of time, although many of the system's marquee features have only just been added. I went from being skeptical of the new Kinect to not minding the little bugger sitting under my television, and now that I’m used to how it works and what it does I find it hard to live without it."

-I think that says a lot about the early potential of Kinect 2.

Unreal011698d ago

Just out of curiosity, I wouldn't mind seeing what your idea of a good UI is.

I quite like both of them, prefering the PS4 UI though because of the smart & simplistic look to it.

DragonKnight1698d ago

Lol, so many disagrees. I have a PS4 myself and hate the UI in comparison to the XMB. I also find the lack of themes saddening. The Xbox One UI is just as sad as the PS4 UI.

People ragged on the XMB saying it was complicated. I don't know how pressing left or right, up or down was complicated but there you go. But allow me to give an example as to why the PS4 UI is at least not as good, in my opinion, to the XMB.

On PS3, if you wanted to look up your account information, you'd simply go to the PSN logo, up to account information, and you can look it up. On PS4 to look up your account information you have to go to Settings, PSN, and then Account Information. Why was the PSN area removed and the Account Info placed in settings? A minor gripe to be sure, but that's the thing. I personally have a few minor gripes with the PS4's UI, making me miss the XMB and themes.

The U.I. also looks incredibly bland. A single row of icons on a blue background that you can't customize at all.

Then there's your profile. The comment part was removed so you have to change the "About Me" section in order to have a comment, which just makes me ask "why?"

You click on Trophies in your profile, and instead of seeing your trophies you are taken to the screen where you can change your profile. I know trophies have their own section in the UI, but why bother having it on the profile screen if it doesn't take you to your trophies? I can continue on, but like I said these are all small gripes that just added up.

As for the Xbox One's UI it's just ugly with a colour scheme that looks like it was designed by the creator of the Ninja Turtles.

Giving you my idea of a good UI would be pointless because these things are subjective. Personally, I liked the PS3's UI much better than the PS4's, but who's to say that Sony won't come up with changes in the future that will allow you to make the UI customizable to your own personal tastes.

JokesOnYou1698d ago

"As for the Xbox One's UI it's just ugly with a colour scheme that looks like it was designed by the creator of the Ninja Turtles."

#1 You have used ps4 UI, you haven't used X1's.

#2 The color scheme/tiles for the X1 can be changed.

DragonKnight1698d ago

@Jokes: #1 Just because I haven't used the UI, doesn't mean I haven't SEEN the UI.

#2 Then that's one thing about the X1 UI that's better than the PS4's UI currently, doesn't change everything overall.

#3 Is there ever a time where you won't defend to the death even the smallest aspect of anything Microsoft? Here I even said the PS4's UI sucks and all you took from it was "He said the Xbox One's UI sucks, must challenge statement."

JokesOnYou1698d ago

Wow, let me spell it out for you. You said BOTH suck. You went on to explain how YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH THE PS4 UI SUCKED, I pointed out this point the fact that you have NOT used X1 UI but make a very generalized statement while its your opinion at its core is one not born out of personal experience in regards to the X1 UI. NO, defending just showing your bias. Now with that out of the way, I could give a damm whether you had said the ps4 was gods gift or a useless doorstop, if I feel like pointing out some BS then I will do so, lol what the hell does you being critical about the ps4 have to do with that. I think that subliminal message says more about you than me. "Hey if I say something negative about ps4, then I must be right about X1 too."= Wow look at you, you are so Unbiased NOW. gtfo bro, I'm to old for that. I say what I think, not play to the crowd.

DragonKnight1698d ago

There you go, you perceived an attack on your precious alone and immediately pounced, frothing at the mouth. I wasn't aware that one had to have an in-depth, comprehensive interaction with either UI to have an opinion on them. I mean, it's not like there are videos all over the place that go into the UIs of either system right? Oh, there are? Well damn, I guess I got that one wrong didn't I?

"Hey if I say something negative about ps4, then I must be right about X1 too."= Wow look at you, you are so Unbiased NOW. gtfo bro, I'm to old for that. I say what I think, not play to the crowd."

Lol, now you're making stuff up because you can't handle anyone saying anything bad about the Xbox One, no matter what it is. Look at how angry your comment is that I even hinted that the Xbox One UI sucks, as though you personally designed it and I'm insulting your masterpiece of work.

Then you have to go on the "I'm a rebel dammit!!" speech as though anyone cared about why you comment. I didn't ask for your life story Jokes. I said the Xbox One (and PS4) UI sucks and you got your panties in a bunch because of it. That's what's going on here. And the hilarious part of it, the absolutely ball busting hilarity? You haven't used the Xbox One UI either and you're defending it.

*thumbs up* Nice work Jokes, I'm sure you're moving up the Xbox One fanclub ladder. At this rate you'll make treasurer.

Like my opinion or not, I stand by my "Both UIs suck." You don't have to agree with me, you also don't have to be hypocritical in your disagreement either.

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XboxFun1698d ago

Hmmm, I wonder if these sites were paid by the competition to be bias?

That excuse seems to work every where else on this site, maybe we can use it here.

scott1821698d ago

I only thought polygon was bias because they said that remotes wont work for the ps4. They actually lied about it outright and then said that's one of the reasons to choose the X1... That signals bias to me.

What in this article signals bias to you?

kneon1698d ago

And what exactly is broken? I've not encountered any issues.

OrangePowerz1698d ago

What in the PS4 UI is broken? That it works fast and you don`t need voice control to navigate it and that it can be used fast and easy with a controller?

LoTuZ1698d ago

The voice commands on the ps4 are speedy just as im sure the xbo is. I like the VCs on both but I still prefer controller for most commands.

AngelicIceDiamond1698d ago

So far from the previews the Kinect is the really the issue it works most of the time but when it doesn't grrrrr...

The only annoying thing that I can see happening is you have to set everything up just right if not you'll have a clunky experience.

As for the review he seems to genuinely like the system.

Some quick overviews:

The controller

"The Xbox One controller is not nearly as interesting nor as forward-thinking as the PlayStation 4 controller. There’s no touch pad, no speaker, no flashing lights, none of the neat features and doodads that make the Dual Shock 4 such a fun little piece of hardware. The Xbox One controller is merely an evolution of the Xbox 360 controller, and that’s not too bad."

"The d-pad feels great and works well with fighting games like Killer Instinct, and the rumble effects in the triggers add a surprising amount of information to certain games. You can get a sense for what your tires are doing on Forza by the rumble you feel on the brakes and the accelerator, which allows you to more accurately feel the limits of what your car can do before spinning out or losing traction. The menu and select button do pretty much what you expect them to, and there are no other big surprises."

I already desperately miss the audio output that you find on the bottom of the PlayStation 4 controller, but what can you do?"

The UI, and why voice commands are the bomb:

"Well, anything you want, really. The system multi-tasks in a way that’s rare for anything except a full-fledged PC. You can pause any game, move it to the background, and watch a movie on Netflix, or watch any game clips your friends may have uploaded. You can make a Skype call, then return to the game at any point. The idea of the “quick save” may be a bit antiquated; you can stop the game and walk away at any time, and it’s kept there for you."

"In, fact I quickly saw how antiquated it was to want to keep my games in one area. The voice commands are powerful, functional, and quick. If you say “Xbox, go to Killer Instinct” in a conversation voice… well, you’ll go to Killer Instinct. “Xbox, go home” takes you back to the home screen. “Xbox, snap Netflix” will get the video streaming service running next to your game."

There's more but this is just the sum of it.

MRMagoo1231698d ago

from what i have seen of vds from ppl testing the voice commands on the xbone is they work around 60 to 70%of the time , and when in a game its even less, IF i was getting an xbone the kinect would be staying in the box imo.

1698d ago
3-4-51698d ago

XB1 UI is cluttered and messy. Much less simple than my xbox 360.

That alone + voice command is a turn off.

The more I see both XB1 & PS4, the more I want to wait on both.

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corvusmd1698d ago

I'm not sure why people are saying the depth of the UI on the XB1 is confusing and over-bearing (admittedly I haven't used it yet) but the system isn't even out, and those reviewing it haven't had it very if they have mastered it in that short time, it can't be that bad. It sounds to me like this should be looked at as having a lot of options, and most reviews say that it's very easy to what it comes down to is people complaining about having more options...right? I see that this review at least says that once you learn the new system that it's awesome...but anytime there are new options it takes a second to learn. Imagine someone going from NES to PS3...yeah, they'd have to learn how to use it, but there wouldn't be a single complaint would there?

OrangePowerz1698d ago

A lot of the stuff is either just thrown on screen in no particular order with varying tile sizes like Windows 8 or buried very deep in sub menus. That`s why using a controller is suboptimal.

Drekken1698d ago

It is a freaking mess compared to other UI's. The videos I have watched show a cluttered disaster. I like simple and to the point... MS went with cluttered and confusing.

Finch1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

But you can make it as less cluttered as you like or cluttered to the max. You can have only what you want and use on there or go nuts. Plus you have control where it is on the dash.

Drekken1698d ago

If the future is me talking to my machines then I want no part of it. Pushing buttons is just easier... if MS couldn't make an interface that works with the controller then someone needs to explain to me why they are getting a free pass.

It's cool for an option, but no way is a mandatory voice commands acceptable.

They said you can unplug Kinect and the console would still work. Based on these reports, it will work... just not that well.

DCfan1698d ago

I'll take that over both next gen consoles.

mikegeezy691698d ago

the inner hipster in you is hipster....

strickers1698d ago

Voice control has a problem no one seems to mention. If you are a teen in your bedroom, then fine. If the console is in your front with a wife and kids.......they will want to kill you in about 2 weeks. Imagine how irritating it will be for others.