People Are In Line For An Xbox One Right Now

Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb took a photo of the very first person in line, whose gamertag is "kingodin79." Meanwhile, Xbox team member Mike Ybarra snapped a photo of the first two people in line (above).

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malokevi1727d ago


"hey, buddy, did you get a load of the NERD?!"



B-radical1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )


Homer at his best

But nah good on em i guess talk about determination Im allowed to pick up my x1 tonight but really late so im just gonna get it tomorrow morning

malokevi1727d ago

lol, you have restored my faith in humanity :)

I'll be lining up tomorrow night. 8-)

falviousuk1727d ago

Usually the first people in line get their console for free along with some other stuff, controllers, games etc

Boody-Bandit1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

Why freeze and get tired waiting in line?
Pre-order, save your energy to game all night and you're in and out in with you new X1 in 10 minutes tops. At least that's how Best Buy handled their launch for the PS4 and I'm assuming they will do the same for the X1.

I pulled up to my local Best Buy 11/15 12:05am and 5 minutes later I walked out with a PS4.

B-radical1727d ago

My gf never understand's any simpson or southpark references I make towards her makes me angry ahaha.

malokevi1727d ago

lol, I hear ya man. Mine has a tendency to roll her eyes and say... "oh, god, is that from one of your cartoons..." with as much disgust in her voice as possible.

Easier with all my buddies, it's like girls vs. guys, animated cartoons vs. the kardashians lol

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Snookies121727d ago

I'm going to be playing my Vita while standing in line with my friend for his at midnight lol!

Drewminati1727d ago

if were in the same line and I see that vita.. i'm going to grab it and smash it.. hope someone records it lol


Snookies121727d ago

Lol, my friend... I would then sue you. :D

malokevi1727d ago

lol oh god, it's a joke!!


Thehyph1727d ago

Get Tearaway while you're there!

Snookies121727d ago

If I had some spare money on me, I probably would. Alas though, I am broke at the moment.

patterson1727d ago

C'mon we all know those are just Microsoft employees :p

rulakir1727d ago

Drew you are an id!0#.

MasterCornholio1727d ago

I wonder how many tents we will see?

fattyuk1727d ago

Good question,

People will have to pay the pay wall fee before pitching tents otherwise they'll have to stand,

hankmoody1727d ago

When I read comments like these, I think about all the idiots out there who have no clue that Sony is now requiring a subscription fee to play online as well.

diehllane1727d ago

@hankmoody, A fee to play online is different than the Microsoft paywall. The paywall is for services like Netflix.

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The story is too old to be commented.