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Majin-vegeta1699d ago

DAO-12,As Val,F200 and M60 are returning.There still one more.

Audiggity1699d ago

Add one more reason not to buy BF4... seriously? DLC? Is the main game even working properly yet?

Majin-vegeta1699d ago

Sadly no that's why I'm holding off till premium edition BF4 comes out.

Fil1011699d ago

Sounds like the best thing to do and I think I,ll do the same, I pick up my ps4 next fri (UK) and was seriously considering purchasing this but from what I have read and heard I'm not gonna even look at it.
Killzone and assassins creed for me.

Nintenja1699d ago

Will you people stop pretending you know what you're talking about. Do you think graphic artists and modelers mine net code for bugs.

The expansion was done before the game was released.

Also the patch for the fixes is this week. You apparently don't care enough to find that out.

Name Last Name1699d ago

"The expansion was done before the game was released."

This is the problem.

Audiggity1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

@Name Last Name - you are exactly correct. Nintenja has no idea that this is a repeat issue from this dev.

And, btw Nintenja, no, artists don't mine net code for bugs... developers do. It doesn't matter if it is for DLC or the core IP.

You think the next patch is going to fix everything? Read up on the history of nearly all BF releases and you will see a trend.

You apparently don't care enough to find that out.

aNDROiD17_1699d ago

if i get premium on ps4 can you activate it to one more ps4 to another account ?

bondsmx1699d ago

No. The primary ps4 it's activated to, it stays on that one. On that note, game sharing is no more as well. My clan mate and I have game shared for 5 years now, he upgraded his ghosts from ps3-4. I already had gotten ghosts from him on ps3, he upgraded so I downloaded it on my ps4 also. Didn't work, could only be played if I was on his account. Pretty bumming

Audiggity1699d ago

Oh, and, the trailer? Maybe next time start it off with an epilepsy warning... jeezus!

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The story is too old to be commented.