Vince Zampella Interview on Titanfall at the Xbox One Launch Count Down, You Can Be in The Audience

Tomorrow night at 11 PM EST Microsoft and Spike TV are going to air a count down live event to celebrate the launch of Xbox One, and host Geoff Keighley is starting to drop the hints on what you can expect.

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AngelicIceDiamond1699d ago

Hopefully they give us new info about the game.

Tapioca Cold1699d ago

I'm suprised at how many of you think that respawn had no idea that they were going exclusive. These deals are in the tens of millions of dollars (maybe hundreds). They knew all about it. Just because this dude sent a tweet saying "I just heard about it (frowny face)?

And... since when did they ever say that part 2 was not exclusive? people are so gullible. i mean, Titanfall looks like the game of this generation and I want it badly. but to sit here and confidently say it will come to Ps4 on its next iteration is foolish. This game will sell like hotcakes and be a huge system seller for the Xbone. And microsoft is gonna nail it down with the help of EA and Respawn.

You guys give these devs too much credit. They knew all about it.