Why Ryse: Son of Rome doesn’t seem to be a next-gen game

Save/Continue writes: With the Xbox One launching this Friday and reviews for launch titles like Dead Rising 3, Crimson Dragon, Zoo Tycoon, and LocoCycle already making the rounds online, we were told to wait until tomorrow for reviews for Crytek‘s Ryse: Son of Rome. The day before launch? It might sound like a typical PR move, but at worst, it could mean that Ryse may end up being a complete bomb. There’s a great deal of evidence that points to Ryse being problematic, perhaps even disruptive in the Xbox One’s launch lineup.

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GrizzliS19871579d ago

one game im hoping doesnt turn out a complete dung. Along with KI for 19.99, seems like a good xbone start.

GarrusVakarian1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Why wait for reviews? Have you been keeping up with all the videos from RYSE? Do you like the look of it? If so, then buy it dude, im sure you will enjoy it. I was sold the first time i saw the setting and a slow mo execution.

It could gets straight 3's and i would still buy it because of what ive seen from videos.

Oh no, what am i saying? Im a PS fanboy so i can't be looking forward to this game, silly me..../s

GrizzliS19871579d ago

thats just it. I love the idea behind ryse but all the gameplay videos sucked IMO.

all i saw, from my perspective sitting at a monitor, is gameplay that warrants you pressing the B button over and over again to slash with the sword, and wait till a quicktime event finished the guy off.

I dont see that as fun and im hoping a good review will show me the full picture.

georgeenoob1579d ago

Why RYSE looks to be a next-gen game - look at it.

RYSE has one of the best, if not the best graphics in next-gen consoles.

Wh15ky1579d ago

The cut scenes look great.

Caffo011578d ago

georgenoob spouting BS as always..

HammadTheBeast1578d ago

George... cinematics and slow-mo "half-cutscenes" can only get you so far... hell, even graphics can only get you so far.

UltimateMaster1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

Ryse is the most graphically advanced game on Xbox One. No doubt about it.
As far as what the point he said, it's more a personal taste choice.

-An extremely linear, “cinematic” experience
-Excessive hand-holding
-Being overly gritty and macho/jingoistic
-Quick Time Events/”Press X to Win/Advance plot”
-A color palette ranging from brown to gray
-An unnecessary RPG-like character progression system that slowly hands the players weapons/abilities that could have been available by default"

However, the last one:
"-Microtransactions, especially on full price games and for the aforementioned progression system"
Yeah, I'm not a fan of microtransactions on any game.

SilentNegotiator1578d ago

Who'd guess that a game originally for Xbox 360 might not look as nextgen as people might want it to?

The delayed embargo is because the game isn't very good. I know I sound like a broken record, but I don't want to see people waste money on Ryse when there's Dead Rising/Forza/etc; IGN called it "boring", GI called it "fun as dialing a phone", and Destructoid called it a "mess" in previews. Expecting this game to be good is just going to lead to disappointment.

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aviator1891579d ago

Well, watching the ign livestream, everyone seemed to dig the game. I really didn't hear any negatives and they even said that when they finished the game, it never felt like a drag or a grind. In fact, they even confirmed that the combat was akin to the batman games.

Fireseed1579d ago

I have literally been saying this since I had the privilege to play it at E3 XD haha

deecee331578d ago

I dunno. It may look next gen but didn't a well-known reviewer say he could play the game with one hand and it was like dialing numbers on his phone?

joab7771579d ago

Playin nba 2k14...its unreal and definitely looks next gen. Cant wait to see it in a couple was playin cod and ac4 and now can't stop playin nba. So damn realistic

FamilyGuy1578d ago

On the topic of it being "next-gen" it's a step forward in graphics but a huge step back in game play mechanics. It has clunky fighting animations and idiotic AI. The game has an amazing setting so many might want and enjoy it for its storyline alone.

This game is destined for mixed reviews, most will be on what we constitute to be the low end but it will get praised by others for its graphics, setting and gore by reviews that have a preference to such things.

The review embargo being one day before launch is no coincidence, MS is not entirely sure how well it will be received. This just shows and emphasizes their lack of faith.

christocolus1578d ago

"All of this being said, most of us haven’t played the full game yet, so we can’t provide a concrete judgment on it. These point towards a decidedly uninspired and “safe” game that pushes no boundaries other than the one of polygon counts, but the truth remains to be seen."
He hasnt played the final game and yet he spilled all that from his mouth? I could smell his bias 10 miles definitly getting this game seems cool and surely deserves a proper sequel.

Hicken1578d ago

Some games really need to to experience them to get what they're all about, like Journey.

Other games, though, you can get the gist of them by watching others play.

Ryse is the latter, and it seems the gameplay is, generally, lacking.

Who knows? Maybe it'll turn out better than it looks. But, then again, maybe it won't.

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Godmars2901579d ago

One, because this gen itself isn't much of an improvement from the last. At least in terms of graphics. If experimentation with gameplay rather than control types becomes more of a focus, then we'll likely be talking.

DragonKnight1578d ago

Two, the game started as an Xbox 360 Kinect game.

Godmars2901578d ago

Yeah. Actually forgot to write two. Quite an easy thing to do really, given that I don't really care about the game. More whether or not things move away from FPS and develops some depth.

And Ryse certainly doesn't do have much of the latter.

Lucreto1579d ago

I have to play this game when my brother is not around or he will ruin it for me pointing out all the historical things that are wrong. He is a walking wiki on Roman history.

dansdooz1579d ago

'Doesnt seem' ffs why do you publish this bollocks.

GiantEnemyCrab1579d ago

He says he hasn't even played it but "doesn't seem".

Agreed %100 bullocks

psDrake1579d ago

Why the reviews aren't out yet for this game ?

xHeavYx1579d ago

Because of the embargo, reviews should come out tomorrow

Godmars2901579d ago

Which really doesn't answer the question when embargoes for other titles have been lifted.

Rocky51578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

There was a review done by a new zealand game site.

There basically a day ahead of use & released it early.

There is the link, but they have removed the review & replaced it with an interview.

It scored 4/5 :-)

I also don't get the hate, except from people that love Sony & maybe upset its not on there system of choice?.

God of war is a hack'n'slash with QTE's yet its one of the best games on PS3, graphically & gameplay wise. (I like it & the millions of others surely can't be wrong to)

LordMaim1578d ago

They set the embargo to expire just before the launch so that bad reviews wouldn't stop people from buying it.

psDrake1578d ago

I don't intend to troll by any means but that's really weird since almost all launch games' reviews are up...

I loved Ryse when I first saw it on e3. I hope it delivers...

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