How to Redeem PS Plus PS4 Games without a PS4

IGN: Have PlayStation Plus but don't have a PlayStation 4? Here's how to get Resogun and Contrast for free before they expire.

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Lindenn1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )


LOGICWINS1824d ago

I'm 99% sure Sony will keep Resogun and Contrast on Plus for the remainder of the year.

admiralvic1824d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Contrast or Resogun got replaced next month, though we might just get Flower or Sound Shapes towards the end. Remember, next month is Xmas and Sony US gave the first cross-buy title on Xmas, so I wouldn't be surprised if they gave one of those (who has already ran their courses) as a gift that everyone can enjoy.

porkChop1824d ago

You can do it using the PlayStation App on your phone. Quick and easy.

admiralvic1824d ago

You can also ask someone with a ps4 to do it for you. There really are a lot of viable and simple methods to get these games if you really want them and lack the system.

admiralvic1824d ago

Anyone else getting sick of these topics?

I can respect trying to inform people, but this is at least the third topic about how to use the website to get these games, even though we've known for months that we can get the games via the webstore.

Hicken1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

For a while though- maybe only just a week- PS4 games weren't showing up on the web store. Of course, any genius could figure that was gonna change, but not everybody is quite so forward-thinking.

Edit: Oh, none taken. Just pointing out a possibility for why these articles are still being made. As for myself, I've had no problems.

... I'd like to say I just downloaded them on my PS4, but that's gonna have to wait for a while, possibly until after Christmas.

admiralvic1824d ago

They weren't "showing up", but you could search and find them. Here's my purchase history to prove that ( ). The issue was, you had to search to find these games and most people don't think that far ahead. I assume most didn't see them in whats new or listed in the Plus section and simply gave up. Thats a real shame, though I feel no remorse if those same people miss out of these games (no offense intended).

jessupj1824d ago

I'm on the Austalian store and PS4 games aren't available yet.