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GR: Knack signifies two experiments in one: Knack himself as a technological marvel and construct comprised of ancient relics held together by an energy core, and Knack the game as an attempt to combine old-school difficulty and linear game design with new-school graphics and a checkpoint system. Unfortunately, neither the character nor the hybrid design results in a venture worthy of the next-generation of consoles. Somewhere in its desire to be a cutthroat third-person action adventure like Dark Souls and its other desire to be a kid-friendly, pleasant romp through what by all appearances looks like a Pixar film, Knack becomes a befuddled, repetitive mess.

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Lovable1734d ago

Damn Gamerevolution gives like perfect scores all the says a lot about this game if they give it a 2...just sayin

Irishguy951734d ago

Well, it's not exactly a randomly low or anything. This isn't even one of the lower scores the game has received. Some are giving it a 1.5 and ****. Just goes to show, Fanboys will defend a game if there was any sort of hype behind it(In this case a launch Ps4 game). Even if it completely sucks

Silly Mammo1734d ago

And you've played it then?

DeadManIV1734d ago

So you've tried it then?

LaChance1734d ago

U dont have to play a game to know it sucks.

There are plenty of indicators that let you know if a film, movie, or whatever is quality or not.

NewMonday1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )


so all those on Twitch streams playing the game and enjoying it are faking it.

Metacritic user score is 7.3, people who actually play it like it.

but if you want to judge games your way then the same can be said about Dead Rising and Killer Instect, Forza is also getting 6's.

DigitalRaptor1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

@ LaChance

Care to list what make Knack a bad game by just looking at it?

admiralvic1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Very few games are universally despised and Knack is far better than a 1.5 or even a 3 (assuming you mean 1.5 in response to this score being on a out of 5 scale). Too many people are taking legitimate "problems" and acting like this makes Knack the worst game ever.

Like, Knack isn't an awful looking game (not the best on the PS4 though) and it plays just fine. Sure the story is a little shallow, just like the gameplay, but so is Tearaway (I got the platinum and can provide proof), yet that Knack gets nailed with 1.5 - 6's with a few high scores and Tearaway averages a 9.

Knack is not a 10/10 game, nor is it even a solid 8 out of 10, but there is no reason for a fully functioning game to receive a score that rivals Aliens CM, Fairytale Fights, AMY or Declassified.

@ LaChance

That is one of the most ignorant statements I've seen on this site.

Even if there are indicators, they're not facts. Like you might assume someone has poor hygiene because they wear dirty clothing, but they also might be poor (or vice versa). Just because there are indicators, doesn't mean the indicators are right. I've played several demos that sucked, but the games were awesome and I've played several awesome demos for crappy games.

Thehyph1734d ago

People be sheep to them review scores!

I only read New York Times bestsellers. I only listen to music recommended by pitchfork. I only watch movies with good imdb ratings.
Oh, wait; no, I don't.
That would make me a fake, a poseur, a hipster, or a waste of a brain.

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GribbleGrunger1734d ago

Why aren't any of these reviews reflecting what I'm hearing from friends and what I'm hearing and seeing on Twitch?

Lovable1734d ago

Simple. You're not playing it.

thrust1734d ago

Because people do not like to admit they made a bad purchase!

Silly Mammo1734d ago

I got it for free. And it's not a horrible game. It's average, but it's certainly not broken.

jetlian1734d ago

thats partially true. I think gamers are starting to look at cost to value in games. if knack was 30-40 it probably would get higher scores

I think pricing is a real issue in todays gaming climate. Ive gotten really cheap c level games and for the money they were fun

CrossingEden1734d ago

Because your friends and people on twitch are not objectively reviewing the game. All they think is, "its on ps4 so it HAS to by definition be good"

Game-ur1734d ago

OK, by this logic anyone enjoying DR3 or Killer Instinct Will be doing the same.

Monolith1734d ago

That's all they think, OK. I guess you know all then.

rainslacker1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Hmmm...the game does look good. I do agree with some reviews that the game play is pretty repetitive and generally you do spend most of the time repeating the same move more or less. The enemies aren't as uninspired as some reviews make them out to be.

That's not all bad though. The game is fun, but more in short bursts of an hour or so. It's also pretty easy to die in more than easy mode. It took old-school difficulty in the wrong direction and just made most of the deaths cheap and frustrating at times. Some of the boss battles are fun and creative though, unfortunately they are few and far between.

I'd say that the game is probably worth it once it hits the $30 mark, but overall most of these reviews are way too low, as the game itself is not glitched or buggy. It plays well enough, and has no real technical flaws. I've seen games last gen that were chock full of bugs that made them unplayable at times, yet still get 8's and 9's. 4 or less should be reserved for games that are completely horrible or unplayable at times.

On a side note, this is the problem with reviews with numbers. There is no real quantifiable measure on what goes into that score, so it's random based on the reviewers opinion.

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scott1821734d ago

They focused way too much on what the character looks like and technical achievements of having all those individual pieces with their own physics and such... Just make a damn platformer that's fun!

Faztkiller1734d ago

Knack is great fun Idc what anyone says doesn't deserve a 2/5

CalebZachary84111734d ago

Another terrible review. Sad that so many people will miss out on the wonder that is Knack. It's not perfect, by any means. But is NOT anything less than a 7/10. It's not broken, it plays and plays well.

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