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Video game allows players to re-enact Sandy Hook massacre

David Ferguson: A video game that allows players to re-enact the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT has sparked widespread controversy. The game’s creator addressed some of the issues raised about the game in an audio statement in which he insisted that the game has a gun safety message. (Culture)

ssj2gohan83  +   558d ago
This is one sick bastard.
Neonridr  +   558d ago
Regardless if he had good intentions about spreading the word about gun control, he picked a very poor way of demonstrating that. Video games are meant to be fun, what kind of fun should you be having while you are recreating such a tragedy..
gamesR4fun  +   558d ago
yep nothing of worth no message no truth

besides serious doubts on the official SH story many think it was just another false flag
PoSTedUP  +   558d ago
i thought it was too at first. but my aunts (not my real aunt) daughters child went to sandyhook, it was very real. i wish it wasnt...
Kryptix  +   557d ago


The truth is already out there. Still I find the game sickening, not the best way to send a message across.
Monkeycan8  +   557d ago
The fact you have 3 likes scares me...
Stick89  +   557d ago
I hate people.
MrSwankSinatra  +   557d ago
you see this is the type of shit, that gives the video game industry a bad wrap. i guarantee if the media finds out about this your gonna see it all over the news.
jmac53  +   557d ago
I feel either the person that made this is sick in the head or is blatantly trying to discredit videogames by being controversial and hoping Fox news picks up on it.
memots  +   557d ago
Wrap ? How do you wrap the gaming industry ?

I think you meant "Rep" as in reputation?
chrissx  +   557d ago
This is just so wrong in every sense. Pathetic
naBs  +   557d ago
Man I don't get this, there's plenty of other ways to address the issue, but recreating a tragedy such as this isn't one, I don't think it's fair on the victims families either. I like the fact he's trying to address the issue but like this, this has just gone the other way.

I wouldn't exactly call this a game smh, I hope he comes to his senses. That's if he had any to begin with!
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jambola  +   557d ago
anyone know where i can play it?
Jovanian  +   557d ago

Believe it or not the guy actually has a pretty passionate message about gun control should you actually lend him your ears for a moment and not overact towards a crudely made flash game
jrbeerman11  +   557d ago
This is horrible, I actually hope this guy doesn't get the attention he's obviously starving for.

Instead of causing an uproar and inadvertently advertise this horrible idea. I wish we could take it away, bury it, and take away his right to free speech.
Jovanian  +   557d ago
'Instead of causing an uproar and inadvertently advertise this horrible idea. I wish we could take it away, bury it, and take away his right to free speech.'

we must defend the most heinous acts of free speech in order to maintain the best parts of it. Its the only way it can ever exist
Visiblemarc  +   557d ago
I'd have to see what this is to judge it, like maybe this is thought-Provoking high art...

But if this is the cheap, insensitive, exploitative, attempt at attention getting it seems to be, then everyone should just ignore it.
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RytGear  +   557d ago
I can understand the message he was trying to give about gun safety laws however this is quite clearly not a good way to do it. Causing more outrage will not bring people onto your side.
mydyingparadiselost  +   557d ago
So, video games are art. We've seen that discussion many times and few people on the gaming side of things would argue otherwise. Art is not always pretty, art can strive to make itself disgusting, perverse or present itself in a way that is unsettling to the viewer. Although the idea of linking this 'game' to a very real and horrific event is maybe not the best choice it's art and should be critiqued as such.
I don't really agree with it but I also haven't checked it out so for all I know this piece says alot about gun control, game violence and mental illness. If in fact the 'game' does have a message to deliver though it will be drowned out by anger over the real world subject matter. Kinda makes me think about the JFK assassination game that challenged people to match the trajectory of the bullet that killed him. That game upset ALOT of people.

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