Why The PS4 Launch Is Better Than PS3’s

Cinelinx | "Whenever a new console comes out, it’s exciting and I love getting them on day one. Sure you have a few bugs and a lackluster amount of games, but it’s just fun having something new. I've owned the past several PlayStation’s on launch, dating back to the PS2, and I must say Sony learned from the PS3 and made sure to not repeat that in any way. I’m not talking entirely about supporting demand and lower prices, but from a gamer perspective it’s a better experience."

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DeletedAcc1731d ago

Sony learned from their mistakes

TomShoe1731d ago

The PS4's launch is better than anyone's in console history.

Corpser1731d ago

Any launch would be better than ps3's lol

Majin-vegeta1731d ago

Man I remember the first time popping in R:FOM and being amazed by 40 players online at once and thinking they would never be able to top that.Then along come R2 and they broke that seal same thought occurred to me that they wouldn't break over 60 players.Then along comes MAG with it's 256 players.Can't wait too see what they do this gen.

MysticStrummer1730d ago

Dammit I hope MAG gets a sequel.

: (

PS4's launch titles are better to me simply because I had an easier time deciding which games to buy first on PS2 and PS3.

Omegasyde1730d ago

Same here. I stopped playing though when everyone jumped on the SEVR bandwagon. I was always Valor and it seems we were always outnumbered.

When there was a final push - we got slaughtered almost every game.

RIP Zipper studios.