Xbox One Exclusive Killer Instinct’s Pricing Fully Detailed by Microsoft

Xbox One exclusive Killer Instinct adopted a business model that is very heavily based on microtransactions, and as a consequence it comes with a pretty complex pricing scheme that may look a little daunting to those not used to the free to play model.

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IanVanCheese1851d ago

Will probably pick up the Ultra edition if the trial impresses me. I have Shadow Jago on the way either way.

GiantEnemyCrab1851d ago

And if you buy your Day One Gold at Best Buy they give you a $20 XBL credit. I plan on using that to get the Combo Breaker Pack. $3.99 costumes and $2.99 accessories is highway robbery. Give me the characters and F the rest.

kewlkat0071851d ago

Is this game an arcade download?

IanVanCheese1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

Deal was slightly different here in the UK. Day One xbox gold 12 months was £30 instead of £40 and it comes with £5 credit for xbox account. Still a good deal.

GiantEnemyCrab: Getting ultra mainly for the original KI arcade game rather than the costumes, they are just a nice bonus.

jetlian1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

kewlkat yes its a download arcade game. season 2 is suppose to hit in spring

BLAKHOODe1851d ago

That's why I bought it at Best Buy. I'm going to use the $20 on Dead Rising 3.

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dedicatedtogamers1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

Seems like a reasonable way to go about it. Let everyone try the game out to see if they like it. They can buy more chararcters if they want, or they can just buy the Ultra Edition (which is pretty much like buying a normal game, right?) to get everything.

WAAAAAAY better compared to how CAPCOM and SNK sell you a new fighter for $50-$60 and then a month later turn around to nickel and dime you for color changes and a few extra fighters here or there.

jetlian1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

its the same really just a more ala cart style. KI is really a 60 dollar game broken down.

the ultra editions main hook is arcade version of KI1

edit: xboxfun tj combo is probably in season 2

Fireseed1851d ago

The best part about it though is that when new fighters come out they're just added to the current game rather than having whole new editions that fragment the playerbase.

rainslacker1850d ago

I wouldn't say it's a $60 game. Any fighter released today with 8 fighters for $60 would be laughed at and ridiculed by the entire community.

However, the non-collectors edition is $40, and while I personally still find this a bit overpriced, the fact that you also get the original KI game is a good bonus probably making up the difference.

jetlian1850d ago

lol rain you slacking. KI has seasons and there is gonna be atleast 3.. times 20 gets you what? I dont know about 60!!!!

nobody said it was 60 dollars for 8 characters. its 20 for the season 1 and 20 for KI arcade which equals 40 plus you get all the outfits. now how is that over priced?

rainslacker1849d ago

For $20 you get 8 characters, and that's about it. No extra outfits, or anything. Each season is another $20 for another 8 characters. All that extra stuff is extra money. That to me is just not really worth the money based on the amount of content when the average fighting game nowadays comes out for $60, offers tons of characters, and lots of alternate costumes.

The inclusion of the original KI is probably worth about $6 since that seems to be the going rate for better fighting games on PSN from the same time era.

Just accept the fact that this game's micro-transaction setup is worse than what Capcom does. It gets a free pass because it's a X1 exclusive that fan boys get to lord over the Sony fans, but if this were Capcom, everyone would say how this just wasn't worth it, and how evil Capcom is.

jetlian1849d ago

lol street fighter to kof dont give extra costumes at 60 bucks all you get is palette swaps your trying to hard

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malokevi1851d ago

So... let me get this straight... 59 bucks, and you don't even get the future character packs?

Seems like a rip. I'll probably get the base, and then grab a few more characters as they come.

Definitely getting the base, anyways. This game looks like a great local MP game, or something fun to sit back and play against ppl on XBL.

bacrec11851d ago

Hey does shadow Jago have different moves or just another skin?

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XboxFun1851d ago

I'll try it out but more than likely I too will get the ultra full version of the game when released.

Game looks sweet by the way. But I need to see some TJ Combo action.

etownone1851d ago

I played it for like an hour at the Microsoft store...

I wasn't top impressed with the graphics... But definitely fun.
I was back to doing 10 hit combos with Jango. He reminds me a little like Ryu

Will get this day one.

Ketzicorn1851d ago

Yeah I had a lot of fun with this game at the MS store. Forza I thought was okay.

etownone1851d ago

Same here.... Forza did not blow me away like I thought it would.

And Crimson Dragon didn't impress at all. The one game I really wanted to play was Ryse but they can't show that.

likeaboss3021851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

I'm buying the Ultra Edition. Can't wait to play this game!

likeaboss3021851d ago

LOL at the degree. Apparently someone knows better than me how I feel about wanting to play this game.

Scatpants1851d ago

I'm glad there is at least an option to get everything. Most F2P games are designed to nickle and dime you until it ends up costing more than a full retail game. I'm surprised there aren't timers that you have to wait for before you can fight another match that you have to pay to get rid of.

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