Nathan Drake Is Lead Protagonist of Uncharted for PS4 says Playstation Russia

Playstation Russia seems to have just confirmed that the lead protagonist of Uncharted for Playstation 4 is "Nathan Drake".

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FPSRUSSIA1763d ago

Every day we get more information about Uncharted PS4 Bring it on Naughty dog.

LOGICWINS1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

"We are glad to share with you important news: the first PlayStation 4 Uncharted movie! How do you think, where will fate this time Nathan Drake?"

That doesn't mean he's the lead protagonist.

And whats with calling this a "movie"? They likely meant something else. Google Translate be trippin.

I call bull. They're probably just ASSUMING Nate will be the lead since its been that way in the past four games. It's no different than people assuming that Dante would be the lead for the DMC4 and the new DmC, or that Sev and Rico would be the leads for KZ: Shadowfall.

I want to hear it from Naughty Dog. people even READ these articles before approving them? The title should begin with "RUMOR" in caps.

Soldierone1763d ago

It makes sense. Drake wasn't dull, so why replace him? As long as they don't randomly change the voice actor, its fine. Yep took a shot for the love of Hayter.

But the only time you should change it is if the main character hits a wall, like in Resistance. Hale was as dull as could be, and there wasn't much you could do to change that. So they switched the main character to someone capable of having a story, while still having an impact from Hale.

LOGICWINS1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

I think people are failing to see what Sonys doing with their exclusives this time around. They aren't numbering them because they aren't sequels. The concepts remain the same(Infamous - superheroes fighting bad guys, Killzone - FPS soldiers shooting humanoids), but everything else is enhanced or changed.

Sony realizes that a huge chunk of people rolled with the 360 (and ONLY the 360) last gen. In order to further welcome them into the PS family and smooth the transition, they're changing the characters/stories so new members of the PS family don't feel lost.

This keeps the franchise fresh.

Soldierone1763d ago

Other mediums do it too. Every 3 issues of a comic is a new story, you don't need the previous 200 issues to understand it. Thats why comic companies are debating if they want to lose the numbers and just date them instead.

It makes sense really. You see Killzone 4, you think "well I haven't played the other 3..." While you see "Killzone: Shadow Fall" you think, cool I'll play that.

MasterCornholio1763d ago

Dang it i want Sir Francis Drake.

WeAreLegion1763d ago

Would he be as funny as Nathan?

mshh41763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

I tell that every time when people's talked about uncharted pirate them but some here don't believe me again uncharted = Nathan drake like crash bandicoot = crash this is not hard to understand that

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